This institution recognizes its obligation to promote procedures and circumstances that will reinforce this principle and to provide continuing guidance as to what constitutes dishonesty.

  • Violation of software license agreements and/or copyright, including such practices as unauthorized copying or commercial use of software, is both unethical and illegal. In particular, some of the software used by the college is licensed under a special academic agreement that may prevent its use for commercial endeavors. For example, Macromedia products are made available for educational purposes only. Any work made using college-provided software must comply with the academic agreement and be for educational purposes only. To create non-academic work, faculty, staff, and students must use a commercial copy of the software to comply fully with terms of the license agreement.
  • Plagiarism, including the unauthorized copying of non-copyrighted software, programs, applications, data or code is not condoned or tolerated by the institution.
  • Acts of plagiarism or the failure to observe software copyrights and/or license agreements may result in disciplinary action by this institution and/or legal action by the rightful owner.