What is VoiceThread?

Often used for a convenient lecture capturing and collaboration tool, VoiceThread is a web-based application. Therefore, there is no software to install. Commenting is available on VoiceThread slides using one of five powerful commenting options: microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio file upload.

  • Licensing: VoiceThread is available to all LVC faculty, staff, and students through Canvas.
  • How do I use it?: Faculty who wish to utilize VoiceThread need to insert a link into their Canvas course site each semester.
  • Training: Individual, group, and online trainings are available continuously and take about 30 minutes. Contact the Ed Tech office to schedule a time.

Why VoiceThread?

Quick Start Guide

  • Navigate to the module section of your Canvas course.
  • Click on the “+” to add a component to the module.
  • Select External Tool from the add dropdown options
  • Scroll and select VoiceThread from the tool listing.
  • Click Add Item.
  • Click on the Voice Thread link that has been added to your module.
  • Select Individual VT from the VoiceThread set up window.
  • Click on + Create new VoiceThread.
  • Click Add New Media and select My Computer to navigate to your Powerpoint.
  • The slides will load into VoiceThread.
  • To add voiceovers:
    • Select Comment.
    • On the slide, scroll over the “+” and select the microphone. You will start recording after the countdown.
    • When you are finished recording the individual slide, click Stop Recording.
    • Select Save.
  • Use the navigation arrows to select and repeat for each slide.
  • To share with the class:
    • Select Share from the lined menu on the top right.
    • Select the course to share the VoiceThread and click Share.
VoiceThread Text

Helpful Hints

Like many products, VoiceThread works best in Chrome or Firefox. Minor issues with VoiceThread are usually caused by outdated versions of Flash. If you are experiencing difficulties, make sure you are using an updated version of your browser and Flash.