Halloween Relay Race: 

Our second campus relay race will be held on October 31st! 

Be sure to pack your sneakers so you are ready to race on October 31st!

How will it work?

Relay batons will be started at three different locations across campus tomorrow morning.  If you receive a baton and choose to participate you need to pick a destination somewhere on campus to pass the baton to the next “relay team member.” If your first choice is busy or unavailable please choose a different person to pass the baton to.  Full instructions will be included with the batons.  Batons should travel their last relay leg to Jill Savini at Shroyer Health Center and should reach her no later than 3 p.m.  The winning team will be determined and notified by email. 

Wellness Bundles:

Wellness Bundles will be distributed to campus offices in late November and early December. The bundles will include items to help promote a healthy environment over the winter months.