Vice President of Academic Affairs Search

After 10 years of exemplary service to Lebanon Valley College, Dr. Michael Green, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the faculty, announced his intent to retire at the end of the 2019 Academic Year. 

After interviewing several higher education executive search firms, President Lewis E. Thayne selected AGB Search to guide the search for LVC’s next vice president of academic affairs. 

Dr. Richard Wueste and Dr. Ronald Carter, former college presidents with extensive search experience in the academic, financial, and student affairs of colleges and universities like Lebanon Valley College, are leading the work of AGB Search. Wueste and Carter are confident that our search will attract a dynamic applicant group from which to select our next academic leader.

Last October, Wueste and Carter spent three days on campus to conduct a pre-search visit. They met extensively with all constituencies in the College (faculty, staff, and students) to develop the best set of competencies, experience and vision specific to the needs of LVC. The position profile was developed after these meetings, and can be found at  

President Thayne appointed the following colleagues to serve on the search committee:

• Dr. Jeffrey Lovell (co-chair)—co-chair and associate professor of music 

• Dr. Lynn Phillips (co-chair)—trustee and former chair of the board

• Dr. Philip Benesch (faculty)—associate professor of politics; director of pre-law/external scholarships and fellowships

• Shawn Curtin (administration)—vice president of finance and administration

• Dr. Claudia Gazsi (faculty)—interim chair, exercise science; associate professor of physical therapy

• Dr. Stacy Goodman (faculty)—chair and professor of biology

• Jared Kramer (Student Government)—class president 2021

• Gina Messenger (administration)—financial aid systems administrator

• Chet Mosteller (trustee)—chair of the board Governance Committee

• Renata Williams (administration)—assistant dean for engagement and inclusion; director of intercultural affairs

• Ann Hayes (ex officio, administration)—senior director of human resources; Title IX coordinator

The vice president of academic affairs (VPAA) defines the vision and strategic direction of the academic program of the College. There is a good deal of positive momentum at Lebanon Valley and great potential for the future. The innovations of the past six years—our new curriculum, online degree programs, discussions of departmental reconfigurations, and record-breaking enrollments are opportunities to be leveraged by the VPAA. The selection of a new vice president of academic affairs is one of the most consequential decisions the College will make. The campus community has an essential stake in a successful search.


• September 19, 2018—Search firm selection

• October 22–24, 2018—Search consultants pre-search visit

• December 4, 2018—VPAA Search Committee training

• December 10, 2018—Position posting

• January 17, 2019—Semi-finalist selection and candidate reference assignments

• January 25, 2019—Semi-finalist reference discussion

• January 31 and February 1, 2019—Off campus semifinalist interviews

• Week of February 11, 2019—On campus finalist interviews

• Early March 2019—Appointment of new vice president of academic affairs