The Center for Writing & Tutoring Resources has started a Writing Mentor program. Writing Mentors are successful, faculty-nominated student writers who are trained to help new students become stronger, independent, and more confident writers. Each First-Year Experience (FYE) class has at least two designated Mentors to serve that specific course.  They can help with any stage of the writing process, including the following: 


  • Understanding the essay prompt
  • Brainstorming potential topics
  • Creating outlines
  • Expanding ideas
  • Formatting
  • Citing & citations
  • Organization
  • Overall revision (multiple revisions = better papers = higher grades)
  • Editing
  • Defining/refining your individual writing process


Here's how it works:

  • Each FYE class will have at least two Writing Mentors specifically assigned to that professor and course. 
  • Mentors' information will be listed on both the 3-credit course's Canvas page as well as the 1-credit course's Canvas page. You will also be receiving an e-mail within the first week of class with the information, and some of the Mentors might even visit your class to introduce themselves.
  • If you need to meet with the Mentor at any stage in the writing process, please contact one of your choice to schedule an appointment. They require at least a 48-hour notice. Please be proactive and know when your papers are due. Mentors cannot guarantee any last-minute appointments.
  • If for some reason you haven't heard back from your Mentor, you have two options:
    • E-mail Beth Julian, the Director of the Center for Writing & Tutoring Resources (
    • Visit the open desk hours in the Writing Center (lower-level of Mund). There are two tutors on duty Monday - Thursday, 7-9pm. No appointment needed. Simply walk-in between those hours. NOTE: This should be a last resort. Your Writing Mentor will be able to help you best since he/she will already be familiar with the professor, the course, and the assignments.

Also, feel free to check out the various, FREE resources under the "Writing Resources" tab on our Access4All website. These resources are organized by topics/areas that students typically struggle with when writing.