The LVC Center for Accessibility Resources affirms the right of persons with disabilities to obtain access in a manner promoting dignity and independence.


Requesting Services

Students with disabilities who need to receive accommodations initiate the process with the Center for Accessibility Resources by identifying as a student with a disability, providing appropriate documentation, and requesting the relevant accommodations. 

Service Request Process:

  • The student registers with the Center for Accessibility Resources. Students may complete a registration form in our office or register online.
  • The student provides documentation of disability.
  • The student schedules a collaborative intake with the director of accessibility resources to discuss and determine the need for academic accommodations. Planning for Disability-Related Services 
  • If the student is eligible for accommodations, an agreement is signed between the director of accessibility resources and the student.
  • An accommodation letter is issued to the student for the semester.
  • Students share the letter and discuss the accommodations with individual course professors: Talking to Professors About Your Disability