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COVID-19 vaccines are available to all groups in PA. Let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated.

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Ex: BIO 111 - Please use this format instead of course names or nicknames. Please do NOT include the section number. Also, note that labs are considered separate courses (i.e. BIO 111 and BIO 111L need separate requests). Please submit a separate request for each course for which you would like a tutor.

NOTE: We have Study Pods (group study sessions— for certain subjects that are in high-demand. We organized these Pods to ensure that everyone receives the support they need since we cannot hire enough tutors to provide everyone with 1-1 attention. Please check the link to see if there is a Study Pod for your requested course. If there is one, we ask that you attend at least one Study Pod before submitting this tutor request. We make exceptions to this rule for commuters and any students who have work, class, or sport conflicts. If you attended a Study Pod already and it didn’t fulfill your needs, we will fill this tutor request.

Please choose one of the following *
I understand that being paired with a tutor is a commitment. I realize that our peer tutors are full-time students with their own responsibilities, and if I must cancel a tutoring session, I will give a minimum of 24 hour’s notice (outside extenuating circumstances).
I understand that tutors are to be utilized on a regular, consistent basis. I am not requesting a tutor “just in case”; I plan on following up with my tutor immediately once they contact me. (YES or NO option)
I understand that I am in control of my own academic success. I realize that tutors are not experts, and they are not responsible for my grades or homework. It’s my responsibility to come to each tutoring session prepared with questions.
I understand that tutoring is not guaranteed for every class. I realize that it might take longer than a 48-72-hour turnaround to find a tutor. In the meantime, I know that my course professor is a resource I should utilize.

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