Full-time Student Payment Options

Full payment of tuition and fees, less approved financial aid, is required to attend classes.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and electronic check payments are accepted online through www.lvc.edu/epayments. Personal checks (made payable to Lebanon Valley College), money orders and cash, are also accepted.  

Please mail check payments to:
Business Office
Lebanon Valley College
101 N. College Avenue
Annville, PA 17003

Returned paper and electronic checks are subject to a $20 fee.


Outside Loans and Scholarships

Students and/or parents who apply for loans other than LVC sponsored loans must submit all paperwork by the due date on the statement. Late charges will be assessed if loan paperwork is incomplete.

Scholarship checks are deposited at the Business Office. ALL scholarship checks must be submitted to the Business Office directly, for proper record-keeping in student financial aid files. If a check is made payable to a student, please sign and endorse the check over to the college, so that we may account for the scholarship payment properly.

Loan checks are sometimes issued in lieu of EFTs. Students will be contacted by the Business Office when checks have arrived and must come to the Business Office to endorse the checks. Loans will not be applied to student accounts until the loan checks are properly endorsed.


Financial Responsibility

Students at Lebanon Valley College will incur financial obligations. Although they may be eligible for various forms of financial aid, the final responsibility for those obligations will be the students. Please be sure to do the following, in order to ensure that your account is current:

  • Review the account statements that are mailed home each month. They will include important information about due dates and deadlines.
  • Review your student account on AccessLVC on a regular basis to learn about any outstanding charges.
  • Please be in regular contact with the Business Office at 717-867-6300 regarding your questions about the charges on your statement, the worksheet, or any other items relating to your student account.
  • Be advised that pending financial aid will not actually be credited to your student account until the Financial Aid Office receives all required applications, documentation, and approvals. Pending financial aid includes institutional, federal and state aid, alternative loans, and outside scholarships. Please refer to your financial aid award letter for these and other types of aid. Contact Financial Aid at 717-867-6126 with any questions.

Students who fail to meet financial obligations by specified due dates will face consequences such as late payment charges applied to past-due amounts, registration holds, and held official academic transcripts and diplomas. Please be aware of your account status at all times, and contact the Business Office at 717-867-6300 with any questions you may have. We understand the difficulties in financing a college education and pledge to work with you to achieve your goals.