Planning a career and searching for a job can be a unique experience for a LBGTQ student.  Whether and when a student decides to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity to a prospective employer can be a complex decision.

LVC’s Center for Career Development promotes and supports the career development of LGBTQ students and alumni by connecting the LGBTQ community and allies with campus and external resources advocating for inclusive environments that foster personal and career growth.

Career Considerations

What do I know about myself?

What are my options?

Developing a Plan

Laws and Policies

Questions you may want to ask an employer

Professional Associations

Career Development, Job Search, and Networking Resources

Website contains resources regarding rights of LGBTQ including those applicable to hiring practices.

A leading LGBT non-profit network with over 100 members and some 600 companies connecting as social and professional allies. 

Officially recognized as affiliated with the AFL-CIO, this non-profit organization represents LBGTZ union members and their allies.

The largest LGBTQ civil rights organization nationwide, works to increase understanding and encourage adoption of inclusive policies and practices.

Nonprofit dedicated to achieving global LGBT workplace equality.