First Generation College Students

Students who are the first in their family to attend college have the challenge of navigating an academic, financial, and social environment that is unfamiliar.  The Breen Center for Graduate Success encourages First Generation students to begin early in their college years to create and work towards their career goal.  Assistance with exploring a major and researching careers to preparing job search documents and interviewing are all part of the process. 

The resources on the Breen Center website will be helpful to all students; however, additional resources listed below may help provide an extra layer of understanding for those who are counted as First Generation college students.


Career Considerations

What do I know about myself?

First-generation students may experience the culture of college much differently than their peers. When you begin college, you aren't just starting at LVC - instead, you are entering an environment with its own unique set of academic cultural roles and norms - both unspoken and sometimes, a bit more clear. 

When you come from a first-generation background, it may be assumed that you have had certain experiences or knowledge which you may in fact not have, to date. Understanding how you study and how to effectively ask for help are important steps to make. 

Consider what you might need to be successful - whether that means discerning a career choice or option, evaluating majors, or simply seeking out resources and assistance as you need them. 


What are my options?

Developing a Plan

Laws and Policies

Questions you may want to ask an employer

Professional Associations

Career Development, Job Search, and Networking Resources

Videos, checklists and insight from other First Generation students about preparing and surviving college.

Students who are passionate about social justice and are the first in their immediate family to attend college are eligible to apply for a FirstGEN Fellows 10-week internship in the D.C. area.