MAY 14

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 vaccines now available to all groups in PA. Let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated. Students are required to fill out the Symptom Tracker every day.

Student Displays by Department


  • Ray Gawronski (Group 1) 

 "CVS Health Corporation"

  • Zachary Hills (Group 1) 

 "Walgreens Boots Alliance"  

  • Kristina Gorton (Group 2) 

"Park Hotels and Resorts, Inc." 

  • Michael Straub (Group 2) 

 "Marriott International, Inc."

  • Hannah Kostick (Group 3)  

"AT&T, Inc." 

  • Olivia Ward (Group 3)  

"Verizon Communications, Inc." 

  • Bryan Towers (Group 4) 

"Craft Brew Alliance, Inc."

  • Michael Leri (Group 4) 

"The Boston Beer Company, Inc." 

  • Tanner Therit (Group 4) 

"Molson Coors Brewing Company" 

Art & Visual Culture

  • Audrey Reiley
  • "Google Arts & Culture: The Ideology of Access, Openness, and Democracy" 
  • Sarah Johnson
  • "Preserving History: Protecting Art in the Age of Terror" 
  • Sarah Johnson & Audrey Reiley
  • "Sacred: Image, Text, Ritual" 

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  • Andrew Brown & Maddie Martin
  • “A novel assay for the prolamin family of proteins in grains”
  • Jessica Heister
  • “The enzymatic degradation of biodiesel”
  • Noah Kaufman
  • “An assay for ethanol using whole yeast”


  • Ysabela Bialer & Brittany Weaver
  • “The Impact of Invasive Shrubs on Native Salamander Populations”
  • Dakota Portzline & Nicholas Scullin 
  • "The Effects of Iron Deficiency on Behavior and Serotonin Transporter and 1B Receptor Expression”
  • Catherine Lacovara & Caitlin Ritchey
  • “Consequences of Early Iron Deficiency and Lead Co-Exposure on Dopamine Signaling”
  • Robert Beidler
  • “The Effect of Road Salt on Aquatic Bladderworts”
  • Emily Federowicz
  • “Oak MAST: Monitoring and Assessing Seed Traits”
  • Kyle Patrick
  • “The Effects of Naturally Occurring Adenosine A2A Receptor Agonists on B Lymphocyte Activity”
  • Shelby Reed
  • “Handling and Play Effects on Anxiety in Rats”
  • Haley Wagner 
  • “The Impact of Organic Matter on Isoetids and Sediment Chemistry”

Business Administration

  • Zachary McKown
  • “Internship Presentation" 


  • Brandon Roy & Julia Rutherford
  • “Self-Powered Glutathione Biosensor”
  • Eli Hudson
  • “Synthesis of a Novel Sulfonium Poly(lonic Liquid”
  • Garrett Santis
  • “Puncture-Resistant Rubber Composites for Surgical Applications”
  • Alyssa Smale



  • Lilia Putt (Group 1)
  • “Using Polling to Test Argument Effectiveness Regarding Art Programs Being Required in High Schools”
  • Allyson Butz (Group 1)
  • “Using Polling to Test Argument Effectiveness Regarding Women Being Required to Register for the Military Draft”
  • Victoria Hackman (Group 1)
  • “Using Polling to Test Argument Effectiveness Regarding Whether the NSA Should Be Allowed to Intercept Texts, Phone Calls, and Other Types of Media in the Interest of National Security”
  • Michael Corrado (Group 1)
  • “Using Polling to Test Argument Effectiveness Regarding Whether Transgender Individuals Should Be Allowed to Join The Military”
  • Paige Bryson & Rachel Speck (Group 2)
  • “Boost: Encouragement for Adolescents with Anxiety”
  • Alison Miller & Kelsey Boulder (Group 3) 
  • “NAMA Stay in School”
  • Jared Karas & Zach Yingst (Group 4)
  • “Protecting The Adolescent Brain”
  • Joshua Herring (Group 5)
  • “Using polling to test argument effectiveness regarding the legalization of marijuana recreationally”
  • Joshua Herring (Group 5)
  • “Using polling to test argument effectiveness regarding the legalization of marijuana recreationally”
  • Noah Logan (Group 6)
  • “Violent Crime: Policy Possibilities for Public Discussion”
  • Joshua Herring (Group 7)
  • “The Future of High School Education”
  • Malia Waltman (Group 8)
  • “The Future of Drug Policy"
  • Dominique Guidmond (Group 9)
  • “The Future of Environmental Policy"
  • Casi Swope
  • “Baseball Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
  • Chelsea Bear
  • “Female Game Changers of 20th Century: Picture Books, Biographies, and the Jane Addams Children's Book Award"
  • Epiphany Bliesath
  • Kailee Romanchik
  • “Stronger Together"
  • Katelyn Warnke
  • Melissa Sorenson
  • Michelle Dardaris
  • “Mike Trout: The Marvel of Major League Baseball" 
  • Nicole Werner
  • Scott Salerno
  • “Breaking Down The Bracket"

Digital Communications

  • Daniel Cronen, David Burns, Michael Gephart, Kristen Eberhardt, Vincent Osborne & Wael Alhamad
  • “Capture Crate"
  • Adam Filbert, Alexander Bushong, Austin Veight, Cyree Sutton-Ames, Luke Dougherty & Theresa Messenger
  • “Labor Neighbor”
  • Dawa Sherpa, Kirsten Bannan, Laura Brent, Samantha Spurlock & Sarah Bruno
  • SHMAP"
  • Alexander Buckingham, Alyssa Zelko, Marla Scacchitti, Michael Bobin & Michael Ogunyemi
  • “Quixit"


  • Kelly Jacobs


  • Abigail Stephens & Brianne Eisenecker
  • “Teaching Abroad: Why It Makes You a Better Educator"
  • Katelyn Wilt & Macie Schantz
  • “Academic Effectiveness of Extended-Day Kindergarten"
  • Emily Felty & Hannah Brough
  • “Who Was Henry Ford?" 
  • Paige Bryson & Rachel Speck
  • “Boost: Encouragement for Adolescents with Anxiety"
  • Alison Miller & Kelsey Bouder
  • “NAMA Stay in School"
  • Jared Karas & Zach Yingst
  • “Protect the Adolescent Brain"
  • Tyler Conlon
  • “U.S. Auto Industry During WWII" 
  • Ian Graft
  • “Thinking Outside the Bachs with Music in the Classroom"
  • Taylor Hamilton 
  • “Implementing Effective Word Studies to Improve Spelling Development"
  • Alex Hong
  • “Cars: A Globally Invasive Species" 
  • Kailee Romanchik
  • “Stronger Together"
  • Jacob Kanavins
  • “Symbolism, Automobiles & Death of a Salesman"
  • Makenzie Kelley
  • “Student Engagement While Using Seesaw"
  • Morgan Kelley
  • “Whole Brain Teaching: Am I a Better Teacher Because of it?
  • Nicole Martin
  • “Metacognitive Strategies and Student Growth"
  • Corine Mendenhall
  • “Acetylene Headlamps"
  • Corine Mendenhall
  • “A Literacy Menu"
  • Cassie Moore
  • “Teaching Philosophies of Classroom Management: What Does It Look Like and Why?"
  • Hannah Raezer
  • “Subject Specialization Model vs. The Traditional Instruction Model"
  • Eryn Somers
  • “Seating Arrangements and Off-Task Behavior"

Environmental Science

  • Rebecca Drain & Tyler Malachowski
  • “Water Quality Analysis of Ft. Indiantown Gap"
  • Abigail Corbin & Patrick McMullen
  • “An Investigation on the Relative Allelopathic Potential of an Invasive Plant"

History, Politics, and Global Studies

  • Kerry Buffenmeyer 
  • “Fort Indiantown Gap Museum"
  • Kerry Buffenmeyer
  • “City of Los Angeles, California V. Patel"
  • Lee Amarose
  • “Hall V. Florida"
  • Rebekka Carpenter
  • “A Chronicle of the History Department at Lebanon Valley College"
  • Nathanial Clugston
  • “From Religion to Revolt: Christianity and Islam Empowering Slaves in the Americas During the 1820's and 1830's" 
  • Cassidy DeCosmo
  • “Mcquiggin, Warden V. Perkins" 
  • Brianna Donahue
  • “Kirtsaeng V. John Wiley & Sons" 
  • Caitlin Dryden
  • “Harrisburg Internship"
  • Caitlin Dryden
  • “Montgomery V. Louisiana"
  • Andrew Godleski
  • “Comparing Propaganda in Great Britain and Germany During the First World War"
  • Collin Harris
  • “From Intellectuals to Socialites: The Development of Female Literacy Societies at LVC"
  • Jonathan Jones
  • “Public Defenders Office"
  • Jonathan Jones
  • “Williams V. Pennsylvania"
  • Jeremiah Kreider
  • “Murr V. Wisconsin" 
  • Jeremiah Kreider
  • “The Death League"
  • Trevor Lamb
  • “The Haitian Revolution and its Effects on the U.S. South, 1791-1861"
  • Andrew Luch
  • “Luis V. United States"
  • Devon Malloy
  • “Examining the Economic Implications of Refugee Acceptance"
  • Alex Marchi
  • “Pena Rodriguez V. Colorado"
  • Rose Neal
  • “Francisco Franco and the Spanish Civil War: U.S. Interests and the Preservation of the Spanish Dictator"
  • Mai Phan
  • “The Role of Vietnam in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations"
  • Ryan Seagrave
  • “Missouri V. Mcneely"
  • Hannah Sorenson
  • “Mavericks"
  • Hannah Sorenson
  • “University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center V. Nassar"
  • Logan Stover
  • “Fisher V. University of Texas"
  • Scott Werner
  • “Intellectualism on Lebanon Valley College's Campus, 1900-1910"
  • Becca Whalen
  • “International Adoption by U.S. Citizens"
  • Becca Whalen
  • “Comptroller of the Treasury of Maryland V. Wynne"


  • Rachel Camaligan
  • “Mujeres de la diaspora en los EEUU"
  • Nicole Files
  • “Las Remesas: Un Analisis de la Republica Dominicana"
  • Serena Foulk
  • “El Huracan Maria y el Cambio Climatico" 
  • Ashlee Leamont
  • “Les Caprices de Marianne et le Féminisme"
  • Ashlee Leamont
  • “How Past Dictatorships Have Influenced Modern Foreign Relations in Spanish-Speaking Countries"
  • Johalice Leon-Alicea
  • “Spanish in the United States: Are Active Spanish Speakers Growing or Declining?" 
  • Autumn Light
  • Les Époques Littéraires: La Constellation et les Différences de Personnages" 
  • Calyn Lutz
  • “Les Dominicanos en Hazelton" 
  • Alexandra Marchi
  • “La Interseccion de las Identidades de los Caribenos en los EEUU" 
  • Thafany Minquez
  • “La Diaspora Puertorriquena Despues de Maria"
  • Josh Rineheimer
  • “La Salud Mental de los Immigrantes: Algunos Factores" 
  • Neal Rose
  • “Operacion Condor: Un Estudio Comparitive de Chile" 
  • Olivia (Liv) Smiley 
  • “Se Habla Español Aqui- Pero Cómo?"
  • Juila Wiker
  • “Pennsylvania-Deutsche Sprache, Linguistik und Literatur: Vergleichende Mundartliteratur"

Mathematical Science

  • Chloe McCarty, Nathan Wallace & Patrick Holmgren
  • “Qudit Hypergraphs and Function Encoding" 
  • Alexander Heilman
  • “Qudit Hypergraphs and Function Encoding" 
  • Dillon Dunn 
  • “Client Server Application Development (Metz App)" 
  • Ezekial Wertz
  • “Equivalence Classes and Stabilizers for Qudit Hypergraph States"

Physical Therapy

  • Dakota Leid, Conner Pierce, Hannah Pierce (Jones) & Matthew Snader
  • “Health Literacy on a College Campus" 


  • Leah Boyer
  • “Spatial Light Modulator for Laser Beam-Shaping Applications"
  • Justin Cammarota
  • “REDTOP Beam Modeling"


  • Samantha Mann, Samantha Nicolaro, Heather Riutzel & Emily Schlusser
  • “The Impact of Mindset and Grit on Writing-Based Skills and Attitudes" 
  • Hannah Davis, Amber Howard, Ashley Mogle, Samantha Nicolaro, Heather Riutzel & Alyssa Potosnak
  • “Grit in and out of the Classroom: Motivations and Cognitive Habits"
  • Megan Cook, Amber Howard, Ashley Mogle & Emily Schlusser
  • “Grit in and out of the Classroom: Motivations and Cognitive Habits"
  • Jessica Kline & Emma Longenecker
  • “The Relationship between Christian Beliefs and Faith in Science"
  • Austin Martinez & Joshua Rinehimer
  • “Acoustic Features of Infant Vocalizations Impact Fathers' Perceptions and Responding" 
  • Sara Koros & Savannah Toth
  • “Overclaiming & Pseudoscience: Correlating Self-Generated Degrees of Knowledge and Beliefs Towards Paranormal Phenomenon and Junk Science"  
  • Amber Howard
  • “Emotional Intelligence and Decision-Making Skills and Beliefs"

Religion and Philosophy

  • Kevin Beaver
  • “Perception of Taste"
  • Collyn Gingrich
  • “Playing with Portions"
  • Conner Irvin
  • “Waste Study"
  • Miles Weber
  • “Metz Dining App"

Secondary Education

  • Hannah Brough & Emily Felty
  • “Who Was Henry Ford?" 
  • Corine Mendenhall
  • “Acetylene Headlamps"
  • Corine Mendenhall
  • “Literacy Menu"
  • Alex Hong
  • “Cars: A Globally Invasive Species" 
  • Jacob Kanavins
  • “Symbolism, Automobiles & Death of a Salesman" 
  • JoAnne Rubelmann 
  • “Public Policy & the Electric Car" 
  • Tyler Conlon
  • “U.S. Auto Industry During WWII"