International Faculty Development Seminar Application

One $4,000 scholarship is available for a full-time faculty member to participate in an International Faculty Development Seminar (IFDS) offered through the CIEE,  the world leader in international education.

CIEE's International Faculty Development Seminars provide faculty and administrators in higher education access to rich academics and diverse intercultural experiences that might result in increased global understanding and internationalized curriculum in American colleges and universities.  By participating in an IFDS, one will

  • Attend lectures given by faculty and experts from prestigious institutions
  • Visit locations linked to academic content
  • Collaborate with local organizations, top institutions, and other faculty to develop solutions to current problems.


Faculty who participate in an IFDS will be expected to contribute to the College's ongoing efforts at globalization. Each participant will be expected to submit a brief report to the VPAA/Dean and offer a presentation to the faculty-at-large through CETL.  The content of the report and presentation should address at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Revitalization of existing courses through the introduction of international perspectives and content
  • Development of new research and scholarship opportunities, including the possibility of leading a short-term study abroad program
  • Revitalization of students' curricular and co-curricular experiences by intentional and ongoing efforts to internationalize the College.

Application Process

To apply for an IFDS grant, an application should be submitted to the Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs no later than November 18.  Applications will be reviewed by a small committee and recommendations made to the VPAA/Dean.  Final decisions and notification of the grant awards will be made by the VPAA/Dean.  

Priority will be given to faculty members with limited international travel, teaching, and scholarship experiences.  

The application process is for a scholarship grant only.  The grant covers up to $4,000 of tuition;  it does not apply to travel expenses.  Faculty members must also apply to CIEE and be accepted into an IFDS course.  Please visit the CIEE website at  for course offerings and information about applying to the program.