Why This Men’s Ice Hockey Standout Chose LVC

Danny Galvez is a senior digital communications and computer and data science major on the men's ice hockey team.

Danny Galvez ’21 was playing his third year of junior hockey in Long Island, N.Y., when he received a call from LVC men’s ice hockey head coach Don Parsons. Parsons was recruiting for his hockey team, preparing for its transition from club status to NCAA Division III. 

“I chose LVC because of the top-notch academics and its beautiful campus, not to mention the growing potential of the hockey program,” said Galvez, who hails from Hamilton, N.Y.

Galvez’s situation was far from the ordinary journey of a first-year college student. He followed the track typical of many college-bound hockey players by spending time in junior hockey and taking college courses when time allowed. 

“Coming in as a 21-year-old first-year student was definitely an adjustment, but it was awesome having many of the other guys on my team in the same boat,” he said. “Outside of playing hockey, there is a lot to love about LVC. 

“The small campus community allows anyone to get involved in extracurricular activities and have a voice. I love the tight-knit vibe; it affords meeting many more people than that of strictly those in your friend group. I also really enjoy having Annville a stone’s throw away from campus, which provides a lot of great places to eat and go out,” he added.

While his introduction to the school came through athletics, Galvez—a self-proclaimed computer nerd—said he has always been interested in front end design, including how aesthetics look on the front end and how they are created in the back end. 

“I’ve known since early high school that I wanted to pursue programming and computer science. The fact that LVC also offers digital communications (DCOM) as a means of learning the front-end side of development was a huge bonus,” he said.

Now entering his senior year, Galvez has become a core piece of the men’s hockey team, including being named captain for the 2020–21 season. Their leading point-scorer last season, Galvez is also the director of the team’s Military Appreciation Night—an annual event that has particular significance for the senior.

“Having a brother on active duty in the Navy prompted me to get involved in the event very early in my LVC career under the guidance of Russ Armbruster ’18,” said Galvez. “Being pretty adept with graphic design due to DCOM, marketing the game comes very naturally in terms of social media, posters, t-shirts, and our specialty jerseys.”

As he looks to his future, Galvez, a double major in computer and data science and digital communications, accepted a job this summer working on front end design at Gipper, a small tech startup. Galvez will start a full-time position as a product manager with Gipper after graduation.

“Gipper provides academic and athletic graphic templates through their service so that prep schools, high schools, and small colleges can have a professional level social media presence. My job has been populating their service with templates for schools to choose from, which has been nothing but an awesome experience,” he said.

And while Galvez found his path to success, he doesn’t skip a beat to thank those who helped him along the way. From Dr. Ken Yarnall, chair and associate professor of mathematical sciences, whose office is a frequent stop for Galvez, to Jen Evans, director of student activities, he is grateful for their support. He also acknowledges the Student Government members who Galvez said are always the first people to help and get things done, and the faculty and staff who have been instrumental to time at The Valley. He also talked about the special bond with the ice hockey coaches, Doug Yingst on the women’s squad and Parsons for the men.

“Whenever I, or anyone else on our team, need help with anything, be it on the ice, classroom, or in life, they are always the first people to lend a helping hand,” said Galvez. “I cannot say enough good things about our coaching staff and their desire not only to win, but also to further us in life. From day one, I felt as though I was immediately part of a community of great people and am proud to call The Valley home.”


-- Darby Seymour, Marketing & Communication Student Assistant