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To Serve and Protect

Thafany Minguez ’18 double majored in Spanish and sociology with a concentration in criminal justice and now works for the York County Sheriff.

Thafany Minguez ’18, a double major in Spanish and sociology with a concentration in criminal justice, interned with the York City Police Department, which provided the experience and connections to launch her career in public service. 

“My internship was a big opportunity because it helped build a relationship that was very helpful for my future, and let me see how the field is in real life,” she said.

Upon graduation from LVC, Minguez returned to York County with a full-time position as a work crew coordinator with the Juvenile Probation Department. This fall, she accepted a new job as a deputy sheriff for the county. 

“What I love most about my job is the opportunity to cause a positive change in the community I serve by enforcing the law,” she said. “It is the satisfaction of helping people in need, whether you were thanked or not. When I was little, I saw my uncles and cousins working with law enforcement and decided to follow in their footsteps.”

Minguez, who was born in the Dominican Republic, chose LVC after her cousin’s positive experience as a criminal justice major here. She appreciated the small class sizes and personal connections she quickly made with friends on campus, especially those in her Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority.

“At the beginning, my college experience was hard, since I did not know a lot of English,” she said. “It was my third year in the United States, and it was difficult to get used to another language. My family and friends helped me a lot with the process of adjusting to college.”

Minguez credits the knowledge gained in her courses and internship with preparing her for career success.  

“It was my purpose to follow my dreams and finish my degrees,” she said. “Overall, I had a great experience thanks to everyone that supported me through this journey.”     

Minguez’s future career goal is to become a sergeant and continue to serve and protect her community.