Three Students Win Annual Concerto Aria Competition

View of the Academic Quad at Lebanon Valley College

For Lebanon Valley College music students, the spring is full of exciting performance opportunities, such as the annual Concerto Aria Competition. 

This annual event was held this March to choose the winners who will perform with the Symphony Orchestra during the 2017–2018 academic year. This year, the competition was fierce, featuring a handful of LVC’s talented performers.

Amongst several contestants, three stood out from the crowd: Faith Brown ’18 (voice), Jennifer Summy ’18 (voice), and Morgan Hackett ’19 (violin) were declared winners by a panel of judges from the Music Department. 

Brown, a dual music education and voice major, has been an active participant in the College’s choirs. She is a member of LVC’s Concert and Chamber choir. She loves singing, and was excited just to participate in this event. 

“I met with Dr. Fung [Eric, associate professor of music], my accompanist, one time before the competition,” said Brown. “I was nervous about that since it meant I’d only practiced it with him once. But it was probably the best I’ve ever performed that song. It was fun! It’s just about having fun.” 

The competitors also enjoyed the chance to show off their passion for music and what they have learned. Summy is currently a dual music business and music major and is very active in the music program at The Valley. She has always loved singing and the way she can use it in her everyday life. 

“It’s one of those things you can always take with you,” said Summy. “You can’t always lug around a trumpet every time you want to make music, but you always have your voice and can make music with that anytime you want.” 

She also enjoyed that this competition encouraged her to be the best that she can and put forth her best work. That and she found it neat to see her other talented peers perform at their best. 

As for Hackett, this competition was a special way to showcase her talent on the violin since she has been playing for 15 years. She began at a young age because her dad [Sean Hackett ’93] is a musician and her family saw music as something they could do together. In reflecting on the competition, she felt it was a great opportunity. 

“It was exciting,” said Hackett. “I was nervous, but I knew I was prepared, so I was able to get up there and just share my music with the audience.” 

Overall, the three winners are eager for next year when they will perform with the orchestra during the concert season. The honor of being recognized for their craft in front of the LVC music community means a lot on top of the experience of competing. So be sure to look for these three performers next spring as they share their love of music at The Valley.