Three Gibson Sisters to Share Commencement Stage

Alexa, Jensen, and Rachel Gibson will graduate from Lebanon Valley College

After starting on one path for college, Alexa, Jensen, and Rachel Gibson all found themselves unhappy and looking for a better fit. The sisters, part of a set of quadruplets who live in nearby Palmyra, Pa., seamlessly transitioned to LVC and strengthened their sibling bond when they transferred together. Three years later, the Gibsons are preparing to walk side-by-side during the College’s 150th Commencement on Saturday, May 11.

“Attending college with my siblings was one of the best decisions I've ever made,” said Alexa. “They aren't just my siblings, after all, they are my best friends. And, as implausible as it may seem, attending the same college with them has made us even closer. 

“Picture this: If you need help with an assignment, somebody to vent to about a tough professor, or just a listening ear when times get tough, wouldn't you go to your roommate or closest friend on campus? That’s my sisters for me,” added Alexa.

Jensen said, “I knew the education program was superior, compared to other schools around me. I came from a college that did not even accept me into their education program to LVC where I made the Dean’s List almost every semester. I made some of my closest friendships here, met incredible professors who believed in me, and had the time of my life. It honestly has been the best three years of my life.”

Alexa and Jensen majored in early childhood education which meant being together in every class.

“She is always my shoulder to lean on,” said Jensen. “She encourages, supports, and motivates me to be the best student and teacher I can be.” 

While their major was the same, Alexa and Jensen admit their homework and study habits are completely different. 

“We complete assignments in different ways and different timeframes,” said Alexa. “The pressure we put on ourselves about the specifics of an assignment, or the way we may study for something can look completely different from each other—and often, it did. However, we found that our differences, when combined, evened each other out and were quite beneficial when it came to group projects.”

Rachel, meanwhile, arrived at LVC as an undeclared major. She settled into the sociology program after taking a variety of courses for her Constellation LVC general education requirements.

“Courses in my major ranged from the family studies side to the criminal justice side,” said Rachel. “I feel that learning key aspects on both sides of the field gave me insight into all the options I have for a career. My internship at Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., gave me so much real-world experience. I was able to apply the theories I learned in the classroom to my actual clients who I worked with throughout the semester.”

After Commencement, Rachel will spend her second summer working at Lebanon County SAP Summer Day Camp with Dr. Martha Thompson, an LVC adjunct instructor in psychology, before beginning her search for a full-time position.

Alexa and Jensen will finish their student teaching during the Fall 2019 semester and earn their teaching certifications in December. 

A fourth sister, Cara, is a year younger and a junior at LVC majoring in biology. She will graduate in May 2020.

“My sisters and I have been through everything since the beginning,” said Rachel. “We have always been at every major life event with each other. Graduating is going to be bittersweet, and it is extremely special knowing that we can complete this part of our lives together one last time.”

Jensen added, “This is a moment we have been dreaming of our whole lives. It is surreal that this moment is finally here. I am honored I get to walk across the stage with my amazing sisters, and some of the best people I have met at LVC! It means a lot that I started my college journey with my sisters, and now we are ending it together.”