Taking Vitals and Instilling Healthy Habits

Exercise science students at Lebanon Valley College complete internships in healthcare

For exercise science majors Lyndsey Darling ’19 and Amelia Dominguez ’19, the senior practicum placement has helped them understand how the information they have learned in class will be applied in the work setting.

An anatomy and physiology class during her junior year of high school inspired her to pursue exercise science. Now as a senior, Darling is putting all the pieces of her educational experience together while working at WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation. 

“Work experiences like these are extremely important,” said Darling. “It shows us that what we learn in the classroom really does apply to ‘the real world’ and that we know more than we think.”

Some of Darling’s responsibilities at her practicum include taking vitals and updating charts, as well as conversing with clients and patients. Darling said the staff of WellSpan have helped her confirm her desire for a career in either cardiac or pulmonary rehab.

“My ultimate career goal is still undecided for the moment because this practicum experience has shown me that my previous ideas about my career have changed,” said Darling. “But, it has solidified that I do want to continue my education and receive my master’s in exercise physiology.”

For Dominguez, the path to exercise science was paved by a love of sports.

“I am a black belt in karate and played soccer and softball throughout middle school and high school,” said Dominguez. “I always loved motivating my teammates and classmates to be the best they could possibly be. Exercise science was an outlet for me to translate my recreational love for physical fitness to a professional opportunity.”

Dominguez’s practicum is taking place at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where she is able to continue her passion for sports in their PROwellness program. Dominguez creates workouts and then records and demonstrates the workouts to ensure safety and effectiveness. She has even had to create time-efficient workouts for students and employees that can be done in offices or residence halls. 

Like it has for Darling, the practicum has been incredibly rewarding for Dominguez and has only increased her love for her studies.

“This experience has expanded my understanding of physical activity and sedentary behavior within the workplace and universities,” said Dominguez. “I love knowing that my work will make an impact in the well-being of others. It has added inspiration to my passion of helping individuals maintain healthy habits.”

Dominguez hopes to one day become an occupational therapist, working within the health and wellness realm.


- Darby Seymour, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant