Sydney Furhman '18 Directs Newest Wig and Buckle Production

Promotional image for Wig and Buckle production Gaslight

From the classroom to the stage, English major Sydney Fuhrman '18 makes the leap into directing her first stage play with the upcoming production of Gaslight.

Fuhrman has been involved in theatre since the early age of six. Her first audition was at a community theatre for their annual Christmas show, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” She landed a minor role, but that launched her interest in theatre.

“I thought live productions were especially entertaining because of the risk and skills actors had to have,” Fuhrman said. “With a live theatrical production, there is one take, and if they mess up, the show must go on.”

It is not uncommon for actors to make mistakes during a live show. Fuhrman believes it’s up to them to recover and continue the scene as discreetly and skillfully as possible.

“In recorded media, such as television shows and movies, there are many takes,” Fuhrman said. “The finished product is edited to be as clear and perfect as possible.”

Theatre has been a big part of Fuhrman’s life for roughly 15 years. She became involved with Wig and Buckle Theater Company during her sophomore year in 2016. Fuhrman performed in Blithe Spirit, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Amadeus, and The Lion in Winter.

“I have learned with this production that directing has its appeal, in addition to acting,” Fuhrman said.

Since this is Fuhrman’s first time directing, she’s experiencing things from a new point of view. Holding auditions, planning rehearsals, and giving directions for Gaslight was nerve-racking at first. As rehearsals continued, Fuhrman felt more comfortable in her new director’s role.

“I now understand the struggles of a director and the desire to create a satisfying and entertaining production,” Fuhrman said. “It’s absolutely a rewarding and exhausting role to play.”

Fuhrman feels like her ability to give clear directions and guide actors has improved. Working on Gaslight with the actors has helped her learn the most effective ways of giving instructions.

“I’m really excited to see how the whole production comes together and how the audience reacts to it,” Fuhrman said. “What excites me the most is the idea of audiences coming to see the show and enjoying themselves.”

Fuhrman says the show would not be possible without the technical staff. She is extremely thankful for their hard work.

“Without them, the stage would be dark, silent, and empty,” Fuhrman said.

Gaslight will conclude its run Feb. 16, and 17 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. Tickets are free for LVC students and can be reserved on Wig and Buckle Theater Company’s website at


-- Chelsea Moyer, for ENG 430 Feature Writing