Spring Break Service in Washington, D.C.

Lebanon Valley College students conduct community service in Washington, D.C.

Eight LVC students, accompanied by two LVC staff members, addressed the challenges of homelessness and poverty in Washington, D.C., during spring break.

Members of the group served with six organizations throughout the week, ranging from Central Union Mission and A Wider Circle, to the Capital Area Food Bank and others. In addition, students also prepared and ate a meal with people in the community who are either homeless or living in poverty.

Ryan Bibeau ’21, an exercise science major, said his time at A Wider Circle, which offers furniture, household items, and professional clothing to those in need, inspired him to continue serving now that he is home. He joined a new club called Hope for the Homeless and plans to participate in other service activities LVC organizes.

“I believe that everyone, if given the opportunity, should participate in a service trip. I highly encourage trying a service opportunity that serves the homeless: it truly opens your eyes to the world,” Bibeau said.

 “I pushed the limits of my comfort zone, and going on this trip helped me broaden my horizons regarding an important issue,” said actuarial science major Magan Albright ’21. “The trip was definitely life changing. While I was there, I learned that even the slightest bit of effort toward helping someone can be life changing; not just to them but to you as well.”

Alex Wang ’21, a triple major in international business, global studies, and computer and data science, said he participated in the trip to learn how he can make a difference for people in need.

“After the trip, I realized that money alone can’t solve the problem—education and self-realization are vital,” he said. “I want to serve more people, and help them achieve their dreams and goals. I am really glad that LVC provides us with opportunities to serve and give back to the community. There’s nothing more important to me than adding value to our society.”