Skills Developed at LVC Help Sarah Marino '14 Find Career Success

Sarah Marino performs with the Lebanon Valley College orchestra

Sarah Marino ’14 graduated from Lebanon Valley College with degrees in digital communications (DigiCOM) and music business. Like many, she chose LVC for its professional and highly recommended curriculum. 

“I chose LVC because of the music business program,” Marino said. “I was impressed with the aspects of the program both online during research and after meeting with Professor [Jeff] Snyder during the audition process. I particularly enjoyed learning about, and eventually helping with, the annual student-run conference.” 

The curriculum has helped Marino in her career as a community involvement and growth coordinator at MedExpress Urgent Care. 

“LVC significantly prepared me for every job I’ve had since freshman year,” Marino said. “I definitely feel well-rounded as a professional, and in turn, I’m a more versatile candidate for an employer. I wouldn’t be able to be a marketing coordinator without the skills I obtained from the music business and DigiCOM classes, but I also wouldn’t be able to have helped my team with analytics reporting or editing without the statistics and English communications courses LVC required for my degrees.”

Although Marino now works in the medical field, she reflects on the activities she was involved in during her undergraduate years. Those include the Symphony and Chamber orchestras, Sigma Alpha lota, La Vie Collegiene [student newspaper], VALE Music Group, and Wig and Buckle Theater,” Marino said. These helped to define her interests and expose her to a multitude of different aspects of campus life. 

Marino also spent a lot of time working closely with professors in and out of the classroom. She remembers her time spent with music faculty such as Dr. Marie Cadiuex, Dr. Johannes Dietrich, Dr. Renee Norris, and Professor Jeffery Snyder, as well as Dr. Jeff Ritchie, chair of design, media, and technology. 

“I constantly recall the skills I learned from them, and the fond memories that were made,” Marino said. 

In her position at MedExpress, Marino holds many responsibilities.

“In the northeast region, I coordinate company outreach in terms of national and regional sponsorships, center-level participation in community events and activities, and programming for MedExpress-owned presentations. I also provide applicable cross- and inter-departmental support for all new center openings and acquisitions,” Marino said. 

With the skills she honed at LVC, Marino is able to excel at her job by paying attention to detail, focusing on the bigger picture of problems, and efficiently completing tasks. 


- Veronica Pettyjohn, Marketing & Communications Intern