Pre-Law Club: Helping Prospective Law Students Find Their Wings

Lebanon Valley College Pre-Law Club logo

LVC recently added a new club that seeks to pique the interest of students keen on getting into law school after their time at Lebanon Valley College. 

The club, according to founder Paul Markovits ’17, exists as a resource for all students who are curious about the law school track, regardless of their undergraduate major. The common belief that only students majoring in politics or the like will be the ones who pursue careers in law is a faulty one, and Markovits is an example of just that. 

A digital communications major, Markovits recognizes that students of various areas of study can be passionate about the law. Since the club is less than a year old, he seeks to attract students interested in law from a diverse pool of undergraduate programs and to increase the club’s visibility. Markovits plans to use his combined interest in law and digiCOM to practice information law. With so many fields in the business world requiring the use of legal services, there is a way to practice law in some unexpected places. 

“This club is not just for politics majors or law and society minors,” Markovits said. “Anyone, regardless of major, can take part. We want to draw people in and help develop goals.”

Since the club was founded, students have launched a Facebook page and held several meetings at which they discussed some potential activities to engage students with local law campuses. The club’s advisor, Dr. Phillip Benesch, associate professor of politics and faculty director of external scholarships and fellowships, has helped guide outreach to the Harrisburg campus of Widener Law School, Dickinson Law School, and Penn State Law. 

In order to engage new students with the club, Markovits hopes current club members act as mentors to any underclass student interested in law. Some of the knowledge gained by seniors during their four-year journey at LVC is undoubtedly useful to those just starting out here; and if younger students run into any challenges with things such as the LSAT and law school applications, there is likely someone who can offer advice from experience regarding these tasks. 

Internships are an area where Pre-Law Club members can assist underclass students with as well. Some have successfully completed semester-long internships at the Lebanon County Public Defender’s office or the Pennsylvania State Legislature and fellowships in Washington, D.C. Prospective law students can be exposed to real-world situations where the law is applied. These experiences can be invaluable when moving forward in their academic careers. 

The Pre-Law Club is here to help students along their way, striving to see the goals of its members realized through acceptance to law school and entrance into successful careers. Being such a young club, the opportunity exists for underclassmen to shape its growth, and with it shape a campus community that is supportive and resourceful when it comes to helping students interested in the law. 

Students can find more information about the club and upcoming events at the Pre-Law Club’s Facebook page:



By Cooper Gerus, LVC 430 Feature Writing