Politics Graduate Becomes Attorney Advocate

Logan Stover graduated with his politics degree from Lebanon Valley College and is now working for the PA Bar Association.

Logan Stover ’19 began college wanting to become a lawyer—until an internship in the summer of 2017 refined his goals. 

“From the time I remember, I wanted to become an attorney. I was also always interested in politics,” Stover said. “Then, I interned at the office of the Auditor General of Pennsylvania in the Legislative Affairs office. After enduring my first state budget battle, I fell in love with the competitive side of legislative politics and realized that I wanted to work in politics.” 

Stover, a politics major, discovered a career path that combined his two passions. He is now a legislative coordinator and lobbyist at the Pennsylvania Bar Association in Harrisburg. His duties include reviewing and tracking legislation, preparing reports on campaign finance and lobbying, monitoring House and Senate floor activities, and direct lobbying. 

“Politics and law are similar in many ways. In my current position, I was lucky enough to study both law and politics. As a lobbyist representing lawyers across the Commonwealth, I get the best of both sides,” Stover said. 

At LVC, Stover completed multiple internships during his academic career. He interned twice for the Auditor General’s office, plus once with the Commonwealth Foundation and the district office of State Representative Andrew Lewis. 

“If not for improving my writing skills through the instruction of Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson, Dr. Diane Johnson, and Dr. Chris Dolan, I would not be in this position. In addition, I attained three distinct internship experiences for credit with special thanks to Dr. Philip Benesch,” Stover said. 

In addition to career experiences, Stover played football and baseball. He believes attending a college like LVC provided him the opportunity to have a well-rounded college experience. A sense of balance became an essential tool for him to tackle the sports he loves, but also make the most of his education. 

“I balanced all my different obligations through prioritization. I learned to finish my most pressing assignments first and be efficient in how I used my time,” Stover said. 


- Huntre Keip, Marketing & Communications Intern