Physical Therapy Students Find Love and Jobs

Dr. Craig Miller and Dr. Ines Antensteiner Miller at their wedding

Dr. Craig Miller ’15, D’17, and Dr. Ines Antensteiner Miller ’15, D’17 not only graduated from Lebanon Valley College with doctoral degrees in physical therapy and employment offers, but also with a promise and commitment to each other. The couple is one of the most recent examples of an LVC love connection.

They chose LVC because of the strong science curriculum, and the at-home feeling they experienced their first time on campus. As part of the physical therapy cohort that collaborates closely, the pair realized their connection, began dating, and eventually married. 

“We were engaged in October of our fifth year, and got married in June after graduation,” Ines said. “Several of our best friends from LVC were our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and have been a part of our lives from the very beginning.”

As they settle into life as husband and wife, the Millers are also settling into their physical therapy careers. Ines works for Phoebe Ministries and Craig works at NovaCare Rehabilitation, both located near Allentown, Pa. 

“I work in a sub-acute setting with the older population with diagnoses varying from dementia to total knee replacements. I help patients return to their maximal level of independence,” Ines said. 

Craig is in a different setting. “I work in an outpatient physical therapy clinic and treat a wide variety of patients with diagnoses ranging from low back pain to balance disorders. I develop individual treatment plans for these patients and work with them to achieve optimal function and to help them return to daily activities, work, and hobbies pain-free.” 

Ines and Craig agreed that the skills learned at LVC prepared them for their careers.

“I have been very confident and comfortable in my transition from student to clinician, and I attribute that to the physical therapy faculty and high standards maintained by the program,” Craig said. 

Ines added, “We learned how to perform complete evaluations, build treatment plans, assess progress, and make appropriate discharge recommendations within the classroom and during our clinicals. LVC also teaches you how to be confident, professional, and competent to complete the job in any setting you choose.”


-- Veronica Pettyjohn, Marketing & Communications Intern