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Overcoming a Pandemic with Passion

Jessica Kroboth participates in community service blanket-making project

Service can be exemplified in various ways, depending on the person. However, to Jess Kroboth ’21, D’23, a physical therapy major, service means one thing—an undeterred passion. 

While Kroboth’s presence is felt on LVC’s campus and throughout the surrounding communities, her love of service and volunteering did not start here. She found ways to get involved through her church and local Girls Scouts organization at a young age. 

“We continuously found ways to volunteer. We made cards, visited elderly homes, created dog toys or bird feeders out of reusable materials, or participated in events like organized clothing donations, serving at the Salvation Army, and volunteering to help at events such as Relay for Life,” Kroboth said. 

As she began her LVC journey, it was clear that her desire to serve was powerful. She started to immerse herself in multiple organizations and clubs like Colleges Against Cancer, Physical Therapy Club, National Society for Leadership and Service, Yoga Club, and Valley and Global Ambassadors. While in these roles, Kroboth accomplished tasks like preparing meals and packaging essential items at the Salvation Army, Caring Cupboard, Mission Central, and serving at a homeless shelter in Harrisburg. However, the recent pandemic has made the service opportunities much different. 

“Before COVID-19, service was in-person, immersive, and was easy to feel involved in the community,” Kroboth said. “I loved being able to see my work benefitting those around me and feel instant gratification. These opportunities paved the way for reflective conversations with other students or community members who were having similar service experiences." 

Although the pandemic has caused volunteer opportunities to be handled differently, Kroboth still found a way to help. 

“Service during a pandemic has been different, but that doesn’t mean it’s been worse than before,” Kroboth said. “LVC has provided many chances to get involved and help the community, whether through Nights of Service, blanket making, or creating a craft.”

As her time begins to wrap up at LVC, she looks to the future and thinks of ways to serve others in her professional life. She plans to use the knowledge she gained while in school to help benefit those around her. 

“I would also love to become involved in pelvic health physical therapy,” Kroboth said. “With this specialization, I could host events to educate affected people or offer my services to underprivileged communities or the homeless."  

She elaborated that service is essential, but it doesn’t have to feel like a job. There are opportunities LVC offers that expand to fit lots of different passions.

“If you can find where your passions lie, volunteering won’t feel like work at all, but rather a gift that you have the chance to share,” Kroboth said. “Community service doesn’t have to be something grand and elaborate, but can be private and close to your heart." 

Service and volunteering continue to be a cornerstone of development and character. These simple acts not only impact the people that they are designed to serve but also volunteers like Kroboth as well.  


-- Keegan Carroll-Corwell '21 for ENG 430 Feature Writing