Olivia Ward Makes Early Decision for LVC

LVC student Olivia Ward poses for a photo

Traditionally, when asked about classes, high school students will ironically proclaim that lunch is their personal favorite. 

Olivia Ward ’20 begs to differ.

Ward, a graduate of Cedar Cliff High School, and actuarial science major at LVC, has almost always preferred mathematics to any other part of school, delighting in AP calculus and the challenges that come with solving complex problems. Now, as the specter of college looms, she notes that she’ll have to overcome more than just equations to earn her degree.

“I’ll really need to learn how to be on my own. It’ll be a wake up call,” said Ward.

It is worth noting earning her degree will not be Ward’s first experience at LVC. She had previously attended LVC’s summer Actuarial Science Program, overseen by Dr. Patrick Brewer, associate professor of mathematical sciences, hoping to get a better grasp on the work she would be doing at the College. 

Even before the program, she had decided that she would be attending LVC following a campus visit. Noting that her tour guide seemed to be friendly toward many of the students that he passed, she instantly became enamored with the personal connections she saw at LVC.

“It’s kind of funny to say, but when I went there, I just knew that LVC was where I wanted to go,” said Ward.

Ward is already very prepared for the college workload, having taken AP classes in chemistry, psychology, and economics on top of calculus. What’s more, her interests are far from purely academic, and she enjoys playing the clarinet and dancing—a passion of hers since she was four years old.

For many, early decision may seem like a risky choice to make in the long run. However, Ward is confident that her ample experience and LVC’s support system will help her succeed.

“I saw how everyone at LVC wants to help you achieve your goals,” said Ward. “I think that the professors really want to challenge you.”

After all, if she’s spent her high school career challenging herself, there’s no telling what she’ll accomplish with the right tools and a little encouragement.