Music Education Major to Teach at International School in China

Lebanon Valley College music education major Allison Giovanetti ’19 will teach music in China.

Lebanon Valley College music education major Allison Giovanetti ’19 loves to teach, but didn’t want a traditional first job out of college. 

“When I got to college and found that I could travel and teach, teaching abroad became my immediate goal,” she said. “For me, teaching is a chance to share what I love with others.”

Giovanetti will fulfill her goal more than 75,000 miles from Annville, Pa., teaching music to students at the Canadian International School of Hefei, China. 

“Because it is an international school, only students that don’t have a Chinese passport will go there, so I’ll get to meet students that are from other cultures and have them bring and share their personal experiences to music,” she added.

Giovanetti said LVC prepared her well for her new adventure. She has been in the classroom since freshman year, observing and teaching music at area schools. These observations have become essential to Giovanetti’s growth as an educator.

“You get to learn classroom management skills and rehearsal techniques, practice conducting, and you get to develop your teaching style in ways you can’t actually practice by sitting as a student in the classroom,” she said.

While she is excited for the prospects of her new life in China, Giovanetti appreciates everything the Music Department has done for her at LVC. 

“They always go above and beyond to ensure that their students reach their full potential,” she said. “You won’t find that kind of care and attention at a larger school. Beyond that, the talent that is present between the professors and the students is incredible!”

When Giovanetti’s two-year contract ends, she will have multiple options available to her.

“My career goals have definitely changed since I first entered college,” she said. “I had always thought that I would have to move back home and settle for a job that would be fun, but not fulfilling. After those two years, I can choose to stay there, or I can move to a new country and see what it would be like to live there instead!”



- Darby Seymour, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant