Mural Enables Dave Yasenchak to Leave His Mark at LVC

Improv-Beebop mural found in the Bertha Brossman Blair Music Center

Taking a walk through the Bertha Brossman Blair Music Center, you’ll encounter a large mural on the wall, one of the newest additions to the haven for music students. 

“Improv-Bebop” is the creation of Dave Yasenchak ’13 and first started as a 3-inch by 5-inch drawing of “Improv-Bebop” on cardboard using colored pens made when he was a student. It shows a black-and-white trumpeter from the waist up, blowing freeform, multicolored visual music that fills up and extends beyond the limits of the page.

“I could easily envision this tiny drawing translating to the dimensions of the wall, as well as allowing me to improvise the bulk of the piece, which is how I prefer to work,” explained Yasenchak, who graduated with degrees in studio art and art history.

Yasenchak started the mural Easter morning, working uninterrupted for 13 hours. Combined, he invested about 30 hours over four sessions to complete the piece.

“Being the daydreamer that I am, I always envisioned the murals I would paint on every blank wall, as I walked across campus during my time at LVC,” said Yasenchak. “I feel honored and blessed to have my art permanently on display in a place that means so much to me. 

“I feel like I’ve finally left my mark.” 

In addition to “Improv-Bebop,” Yasenchak’s freelance illustration and design work includes clients such as Brix City Brewing, Green Lion Breads, and indie-rock sensations The Mellowells, a band formed at LVC in 2013.