Morgan Walker: LVC’s New Sports Nutritionist

Morgan Walker

Students in the dining hall might notice a new face, Morgan Walker.

As LVC’s sports nutrition and wellness manager, Walker will provide campus-wide nutrition services. Walker will coordinate with her Metz Dining Services co-workers to address nutrition concerns of students with food allergies, work with the chefs to create healthy menu options, and supervise the food service management operation. Walker will also conduct private nutrition counseling and promote health and wellness on campus through various social, verbal, and written platforms.

“Students can expect nutrition seminars on various topics, team education talks, educational handouts, social media content, newsletters, and other special events on campus,” Walker said.

Walker intends to serve as a liaison between the student body and Metz to ensure that every student has access to the nutrition they need and their dietary or dining concerns are addressed.

“College is a time when you learn to nourish your body on your own for the first time,” Walker said. “In my role, I can help students develop sustainable nutrition-related behaviors that can promote long-term health.”

Walker’s interest in nutrition began during grad school. Walker graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in exercise physiology and M.S. in kinesiology and applied physiology. Much of her studies involved working with athletes in various sports to optimize their athletic performance and health.

“I knew the value that exercise provided to health and well-being, and my passion for nutrition shortly followed,” Walker said. “I firmly believe that nutrition and exercise are the best ‘medicine’ that we can provide for optimizing long-term health.”

Walker completed additional education and obtained a second B.S. in food and nutrition to become a registered dietitian. Walker also completed a supervised program of practice and passed a national board exam by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Before LVC, Walker worked as a sport scientist for Gotham FC, the professional women’s soccer team in the National Women’s Soccer League from New York and New Jersey. Walker’s duties necessitated working with sports medicine, coaching, and support staff to ensure the high-level physical performance of elite professional soccer players.

“I was responsible for managing the physical workload of the players and providing daily feedback to coaches,” Walker said. “I created and implemented all on-field and strength training-based conditioning programs, injury prevention programs, and off-season physical training programs.”

As was the case with her previous position, Walker will utilize her nutrition knowledge to enable LVC students to reach their full potential.

“I hope to empower students to choose foods that help them feel their absolute best and meet their health and wellness goals,” Walker said. “I plan to bring positivity to campus and help students thrive when it comes to their nutrition and well-being.”


-- Josh Hildebrand, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant