Military Officer Shares MBA Lessons

Sergeant Matthew Schreckengost is pursuing his master of business administration degree at Lebanon Valley College

Sergeant Matthew Schreckengost M’20 discusses pursuing his Lebanon Valley College master of business administration degree. He looks forward to teaching business at a college after retiring from the U.S. Army National Guard.


Why LVC’s program?

I have always been a student of the economy and business world but wanted to continue my education for professional reasons. The MBA Program keeps me up to date on the latest business trends, theories, and best practices to supplement my research. I also wanted to address some of the areas in an MBA I wasn’t as familiar with, such as Management Information Systems. 


What have you learned from your instructors? 

I could not be happier with the experience LVC instructors possess. Through my first nine courses, I’ve had instructors in leadership roles working as an economist for General Electric, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, consultant with Deloitte, management information systems manager from AT&T, and international business manager from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions. They shared their first-hand experience working in large, technologically-advanced, and profitable companies.


How does LVC’s program fit with your busy life?

LVC allowed me to take all my courses in a classroom where I am most comfortable learning, and through a schedule that enables a full-time military soldier with a family to complete the program. The school has seamlessly worked with the education benefits provided by the Army. The professional and challenging classroom environment created excellent discussions on a range of topics that modern businesses face.


How are you implementing what you are learning in your military career?

In the military, there are quite a few areas where corporate policy and government regulation intersect. The military works to implement best practices from successful businesses all the time to varying degrees of success. I have used my new knowledge to bring change in my military unit and explain to other soldiers why the changes will be advantageous, leading to positive performance evaluations for these actions.