Men in the Making

Men of Distinguished Excellence (M.O.D.E.) is one of the newest student programming efforts that is uniting men on Lebanon Valley College’s campus, with the hope to build relationships and a strong brotherhood with one another.

M.O.D.E. was created to provide important and relevant academic, professional, and social development experiences that will enable males to succeed in all areas of their LVC careers. With the help of Mike Davis, residential life area coordinator, and Olajiwon McCadney, assistant director of intercultural affairs & inclusive programming, the group has been well-received is on the right path for future success. 

M.O.D.E. originated during the 2016–2017 academic year through a Student Innovation Grant that supported various programming, including a mobile barber coming to campus, movie events, field trips, study halls, and food parties. During the spring, there were 20 members in the group, and everyone enjoyed being a part of a brotherhood outside of the fraternities on campus. 

“I am very proud of what M.O.D.E. has become,” said Mike Ogunyemi ’18, a digital communications major. “It has allowed us to meet others with similar experiences and be able to guide each other throughout our time as students at LVC.”

Students interested in joining the group can look for interest meetings to be held in the fall. 

“It feels great that males at LVC can come together and build something special with one another,” said Davis. “I am excited to see how these young men will grow in the future, and it will be encouraging to see the group grow in the years to come.” 

Members of the group also look forward to a new year of exciting programming. 

“We hope to continue to expand the M.O.D.E. program by increasing our membership and taking time to create additional developmental programs,” said Ogunyemi. “This group will allow us to grow and become better students, men, and role models, not only at LVC, but in our society.” 


Collin Moore for English 430 Feature Writing