LVC Launches Sportsmanship Initiative In Conjunction With NCAA RESPECT Campaign

In conjunction with the NCAA's ongoing RESPECT campaign, Lebanon Valley College Athletics has launched a revamped sportsmanship initiative with the help of the school's student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans.

Student-athletes and coaches have also been taking the time to share what makes them most proud about LVC fans, parents, and peers. Those thoughts were captured on video and shared in a collection entitled "Dutchmen Fans, You Make Us Proud."

To view all videos featuring student-athletes and coaches sharing what makes them proud, be sure to visit the "Dutchmen Fans, You Make Us Proud" playlist on the LVC Athletics Youtube page.

In addition to the ongoing publicizing of LVC's sportsmanship initiative at sporting events, in game day programs, and as a core value among coaches and student-athletes, a new sportsmanship hub has been launched at The page houses LVC's sportsmanship statement for parents and fans of the Dutchmen, as well as a link to the NCAA RESPECT campaign website.

Just hours from celebrating Thanksgiving, Lebanon Valley is grateful for its student-athletes, coaches, faculty, parents, and fans who continue to provide the school with a rich tradition of sportsmanship by creating a positive game day environment for participants, officials, and fellow onlookers.

LVC always enjoys taking the opportunity to reinforce the fact that Dutchmen fans, you make us proud.