Luke Kruger-Aimone '19 Dives into the Unknown with Newly Released Single

Cover art for Luke Kruger-Aimone's single "Interstellar Shores"

While most aspiring musicians go to college to receive the experience needed to obtain a record deal when they graduate, Lebanon Valley College is home to its very own record label VALE Music Group. Luke Kruger-Aimone ’19, an audio engineering major from New York City, signed a one-song contract with VALE Records in the spring semester of 2016. 

Kruger-Aimone has always had a passion for music, from the emotions in the lyrics to the joy of creating something on the piano. He started writing his own songs during his junior year of high school. 

The idea that he could convey the same feelings that he had received from other pieces of music to other people interested him. In the spring of 2015, he wrote and produced his first full song entitled “What I Know.” 

In early 2016, VALE Music Group set out to search for their next artist. Hoping to become that artist, Kruger-Aimone sent a video to VALE that contained two of his original songs. VALE reviewed all submissions and he was selected as a finalist in the competition. As a finalist, he performed in a showcase with two other LVC music groups. November Lounge was eventually picked as the main artist, but Kruger-Aimone was offered a one-song contract with the label. 

“It seemed that the label really liked my style, so I was happy to work with them. Cam Alexander ’16 also made some great additions to the songs instrumentally, so I was excited about that as well,” said Kruger-Aimone.

This single, “Interstellar Shores,” was released by VALE in early May. The style is described as Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The biggest inspiration for the song was Kruger-Aimone’s fascination with the unknown. The song begins with the idea of taking a distant trip and the feeling of exploring another planet. On this planet, the listener is far away from the “petty and insignificant” problems on Earth. Download Now

To begin the process of creating this single, he started by “messing around” with some sounds that gave off a “spacey” vibe and from there he began to write down lyrics. “I remember really getting into the atmosphere of the instrumental when I was writing, which was a cool feeling,” said Kruger-Aimone. 

As a contrast to the calm, spacey overall mood of the song, the chorus is intense and gives the song a sense of direction. 

“Working with VALE gave me the opportunity to work with the deadlines and pressure of an organized label, which I think was especially valuable. I’m used to working on my own time, but I know that isn’t always how it works in the music industry. It was also the first time that someone else had really invested into a song of mine and provided thoughtful suggestions, since I typically work on my own. For both of these things I am grateful, because I know they’re going to help me a lot in years to come, should I continue down this path,” he explained.

After earning his degree in audio engineering, Kruger-Aimone intends to move back to New York City. From there, he would like to work in a studio, while writing and recording his own music in his spare time. Given the collection of songs he will have produced by that point, he would like to play at different locations throughout the city. No matter where he ends up, what is most important to him is “being able to continue writing and jamming out with other musicians.”