Kayla Fulfer ’12 Continues Career with new Digital Marketing Manager Position

Digital Communications major Kayla Fulfer poses for her Commencement photo

Kayla Fulfer ’12 began her most recent position as digital marketing manager at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) last August.  

“It’s a new role for me and, so far, it is awesome,” said Fulfer. “I get to work on a variety of projects, bring my experience and practices to the table, and influence change and strategy.”

After college, she started her career in the advertising space at a start-up ad agency in Baltimore called Millennial Media, which was recently acquired by AOL. After moving to Boston Fulfer worked at MarketOne International, a digital marketing agency for three years.

“This role [at MCPHS] is a change for me, as I came from an agency background, which is fun in its own way but is a setting where you help clients reach their goals,” said Fulfer. “Now, I am in charge of deciding the goals and seeing them through from start to finish.”

Fulfer found the position at MCPHS through a networking group in Boston called, “Young Women in Digital.” 

As a digital marketing manager, she is focused on transforming the digital side of MCPHS’s marketing to strengthen the college’s online presence.

“My favorite part is that I am making an actual difference, not only in driving prospective students to come to one of the top schools in the area, MCPHS, for a great education, but I also get to make a difference within my team,” said Fulfer. “I love working with a team of people who are passionate and driven about our goals. Happiness in the workplace is partially loving what you do, but also being surrounded by like-minded, positive, and passionate people.”

During her time as an undergraduate in digital communications [DigiCOM], Fulfer played a large role in making the interactive creative project—PT for Kids—that was presented at the Annual Pennsylvania PT Conference. 

“Working on that project was a great experience that I still pull from today,” said Fulfer. “The process of creating that project is reflective of what working on creative projects in my current and past jobs has been like, and it was the perfect introduction into some of the challenges that you can face with project management, timelines, client management, working with multiple resources, and process.”

Fulfer encourages current undergrads to use their DigiCOM and LVC network to help find jobs and to ask for advice.

“Digital communications is a great major to come out of LVC with for the variety and breadth of learning alone. It gave me an edge over other recent grads as I had a background in not just one area,” said Fulfer. “Additionally, I was able to work on a multitude of real-world projects while at LVC using some of the most cutting-edge technology that is truly the industry standard at many businesses.”