Justin Engle '05 Assisting Texas Community During Hurricane Harvey

Justin Engle from Town in City Brewing Company talks at Lebanon Valley College's homecoming

Justin Engle '05 and his staff at the Town in City Brewing Company in Houston Heights, Texas are doing their part to meet the needs of their neighbors displaced by the devastating floods.

“We were very fortunate during the storm. The bayous around us turned the Heights into an island and we only had street flooding (came up to the house in some areas but no damage),” said Engle, the owner/manager/head brewer at Town in City Brewing Company, adding that the business, also located in Houston Heights, has managed to remain open. 

“We've had electricity and water during the entire event,” he explained. “My brewery has been open at various points to have people use our WIFI and get water containers filled.”

Engle, an ACS chemistry graduate and a native of nearby Lititz, Pa., has used Town in City Brewing's social media to keep locals informed and connected to emergency shelter information. 

Still, he says that Town in City Brewing wanted to do more.

Throughout the week, the Town in City Brewing Company established itself as a collection center for Hurricane Harvey relief donations.

“We are doing a fundraiser starting today (Tuesday) to get items needed by the local shelters as well as get potable water to those in need," he said.

Thus far, it's been a successful fundraiser. At the end of the first day, one van loaded with supplies had already been donated and delivered to the Georgetown Convention Center for distribution to the displaced. 

To donate or learn more about Town in City Brewing Company's Fundraiser, visit https://goo.gl/av9B47.