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JT Fredlund Expands Career Horizons in London

Digital Communications alum J.T. Fredlund poses for a photo in front of a waterfall

Digital communication alumni often experience a variety of career paths. For J.T. Fredlund ’10, his career has taken him across the ocean to London where he combines his love for digital media and travel.

Fredlund is currently a digital media design developer for SAP, a German-based multinational software company focusing on enterprise software.  

“I never envisioned myself working at a place like this,” said Fredlund. “I've held several roles in my six years at SAP, but my current role is really exciting and challenging. I work on a new start-up division of SAP so we operate with our own agenda and don't have as much of the traditional corporate structure placed around us.”

Fredlund has a wide range of responsibilities, including filming and animating videos, writing and designing marketing materials for the web and print, shooting live event photography, consulting with SAP’s development team, and creating web design enhancements for the customer portal.

“There's always a new opportunity to get involved in and I love the fast-paced nature of my role,” said Fredlund. “I'm certain that going through the Digital Communications Program was essential in my success at SAP. I don't think any other major could have prepared me in the same way.”

Prior to being promoted to his current position, Fredlund worked as multimedia designer, a sales & performance consultant, and video & design consultant at SAP’s Philadelphia headquarters before he moved to the London headquarters in 2013.

“J.T. was a student from the region whose life was transformed by studying abroad,” Dr. Joel Kline, LVC professor of digital communications, said. “He was a different person when he returned from London. His positive experiences from his time broad ultimately led to him seeking a transfer from Philadelphia to London. If J.T. had not studied in London, he might not have thought about working for SAP in Europe.”

Sparked from his study broad experience, Fredlund’s favorite part of his position at SAP is his opportunity to travel. In his six years at SAP, he has traveled in North America to cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Toronto, as well internationally to England, Germany, and France. He is looking forward to traveling to China in the near future as well.

“While most of the work is similar to my current role, there’s always new opportunities to make your mark, which I believe is very important in such a large organization,” said Fredlund. “I wear many hats and have learned a lot of new skills along the way.”

Fredlund encourages digiCOM students to take full advantage of the resources that the program has to offer and never to turn down new opportunities.

“The Digital Communications Program was absolutely instrumental in my preparation for postgraduate work life,” said Fredlund. “If I looked back to 2010 when I graduated, I couldn't have predicted how the real working environment connects so well to the digiCOM curriculum. I must admit, at times I questioned the relevance of certain topics back in Annville, but I can't count how many times I’ve smiled to myself as I recalled all the seemingly irrelevant lessons (at the time) that now are so paramount to my success in my career.”