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Joe D’Angelo ’16 Uses His Passion for Programming in LVC Community

Joe D'Angelo is the head coach of Lebanon Valley College's esports team.

Joe D’Angelo ’16 has made an impact at Lebanon Valley College through his undergraduate education, career, and now through coaching.

D’Angelo always had a passion for gaming, but didn’t realize his passion for programming until one of his high school teachers suggested it. During his undergraduate studies, when he majored in digital communications with a concentration in programming, D’Angelo also interned for the Office of Information Technology (IT). There, he further enhanced his programming skills.

After graduating from LVC, D’Angelo soon returned to his alma mater to begin his career.

“LVC is such a close-knit community,” D’Angelo said. “I just felt like it was a good fit.”

He was hired as a web programmer and developer in the IT department in Jan. 2017. Because he interned there as a student, D’Angelo knew what the position would entail. He also noted that working at the same place he graduated from was odd at first.

“Walking around campus, I felt like I should have been going back to a dorm or something,” D’Angelo said. “But, now it’s separated. It’s now a job and not going to class.”

D’Angelo is thankful for his digital communications background, as he uses his understanding of the user experience and programming concentrations in his every day job.

“The user experience background definitely helps me work with some of the professors and staff,” D’Angelo said. “It helps piece together what they actually want when they give me a list of things they need.”

Now, D’Angelo has been named the first-ever head coach of the College’s varsity esports program—the first in Pennsylvania—and is excited to share his knowledge of video games on a competitive level.

“Joe is an incredible gamer,” Dave Shapiro ’99, director of operations for esports and a fellow LVC grad, said. “He understands the pro landscape very well. And he will be the best person as the coach for our students at LVC.”

As head coach, he oversees assistant coaches, the logistics behind managing a team of students, and has final say in team-oriented decisions.

“I played a lot of different video games before with competitive game modes in them,” D’Angelo said. “I know the kind of grind it takes to progress yourself in that environment and what kind of mindset you need have and what mindset you can’t have.”

D’Angelo is joined by his two assistant coaches Jordan Shankroff ’15 and Kyle Rosen ’17.

He primarily works with the Overwatch team and teaches by playing the games with the players and reviewing/analyzing previous matches, looking for improvements.

From student to staff member to head coach, D’Angelo has made a tremendous impression on the LVC community and will continue to as he leads LVC’s newest varsity sport.


-- Laura Brent for ENG 430 Feature Writing