Internships Inside the Capitol

Jordan Hykes poses at the PA Capitol during his internship

Internships are an important part of the curriculum at Lebanon Valley College; some students have taken their internship opportunity to the state level.  

Students who intern at the Pennsylvania Capitol building have the opportunity to work with Pennsylvania’s senators, lieutenant governor and governor. A day of work includes attending committee meetings, conducting research, writing citations, organizing events and making lasting connections.  

Jordan Hykes '18, a politics major, interned for the lieutenant governor’s office last summer. 

“The part (of the internship) I loved the most was interacting with a wide variety of people,” Hykes said. “Sometimes I was talking with various legislators and lobbyists and other times I talked with tourists from various countries.”  

Hykes felt the internship helped his communication skills and understanding of politics firsthand. Over the summer, he acquired a fair amount of practical knowledge for Pennsylvania politics that will help him in his major and future studies.  

Politics and pre-law major Cassidy DeCosmo '18 is currently interning with the governor’s office of constituent services.  

“It’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in Pennsylvania politics and news,” DeCosmo said. “No matter what I do during a day, it’s always exciting and I’m always learning.  Plus, the people I work with are so kind and willing to help in any way and that makes going to work so much more enjoyable.”  

While interning, DeCosmo has learned to work independently with little instruction and has improved her communication skills and writing abilities. Her job includes writing and sending letters, answering questions from constituents and working with a variety of directors on projects.  

DeCosmo believes if a student gets an offer, one will put the skills learned at LVC to use.   

“It’s cool to see those two worlds merge and you will have an amazing time,” DeCosmo said. 

Hykes also advised students who are seeking an internship at the Capitol to do whatever one can to land one.  

“Try to put yourself out there and talk to people,” Hykes said. “You never know who you will meet and what you will overhear.” 

For more information about internships in the political field, contact Professor Philip Benesch ( or the Center for Career Development.


-Jolie Winemiller ’19, La Vie staff writer