Internship Turns to Job Offer From Under Armour

Paige Bryson '20 received a full-time job offer with Under Armour after a successful summer internship.

Editor’s Note: Paige Bryson ’20 is an English major with a minor in business administration.

I was tired of applying for internships when I saw an email notification from Handshake [LVC’s career management platform] about an internship program with Under Armour (UA). I didn’t see myself working in retail, so I ignored it until a fellow student and a staff member from the Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Graduate Success encouraged me to consider it.

I applied and then went through a three-phase interview process for this rotational internship at the Hershey Outlets location. I grew more eager as the interview process continued, realizing I would get to learn about the different departments in the store and practice my leadership skills. 

Fewer than 24 hours after my final interview, I received a congratulatory call from someone at the corporate office.

To defray the living expenses associated with my internship, I applied for a grant through LVC’s Thaddeus Project, a program designed for humanities students to help with expenses while completing internships away from home. This grant covered my on-campus housing (Hershey is just 15 minutes from LVC!) and some transportation costs.

My UA internship was action-packed and the management team was amazing. I loved coming into work each day. Even the days I had to arrive at 5 a.m. or work overnight, I was happy to be there. Your work environment really makes a difference in your experience.

Toward the end of the 10-week internship, I completed a performance evaluation, demonstrating to the district manager everything I had learned. On my final day, someone with the UA corporate office said they would be in touch regarding a full-time position after graduation.

Finally, at the end of September, I received a job offer for an assistant manager position and will be working in either Hershey, Lancaster, or Gettysburg. 

As I prepare to embark on my career, I want to thank the Thaddeus Project grant committee and the Breen Center staff. Without the mock interviews, résumé reviews, space to complete interviews, and lessons on professionalism, I would not be where I am today.