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Inspiration and Experience Leads Maddie Adams ’20 to Military Career

Lebanon Valley College criminal justice major Maddie Adams will enter the Army after graduation

Growing up, Maddie Adams ’20 heard the story of her great-uncle who received a Silver Star and Purple Heart for his bravery during World War II. Holding those medals in her hands, Adams will follow those footsteps into a career in military service.

The criminal justice major swore into the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division in February. After finishing her LVC degree, Adams will attend boot camp, followed by four months of job-specific training and a one-year apprenticeship under a special agent to prepare for her role.

While Adams credits her family for the military influence (her younger brother plans to join the Marines), she said family friends who worked as New York Police Department detectives were the reason for her criminal justice major.

As an LVC student, Adams gained valuable experience toward her future career. Through her senior seminar course, she interned and volunteered with the Youth Advocate Programs of Lebanon, performing a variety of tasks and mentoring young kids and teens who have had trouble with the law.

“I take the kids to school, pick them up, and plan activities to help keep them out of trouble,” she said. “My favorite experience with the program has been building relationships with these kids and their families.”

On campus, Adams worked as a student employee in LVC’s Office of Public Safety. Her responsibilities included directing officers to calls, organizing paperwork, and helping those who came into the office get the services they needed.

“I actually bumped into Brent Oberholtzer [the director of public safety] on my first day at LVC. We talked about my ambitions to enter the criminal justice realm and what he oversees as director. I really enjoyed our chat and decided to send an email inquiring about any positions available. I guess a little bit of luck and a good conversation helped me land with public safety,” she said.

With her impressive experiences and positive role models, Adams wants to be an inspiration for future LVC criminal justice students.

“Have a plan and stick to it no matter what others say,” she said. “Choose either the local, state, or federal level of law enforcement, and pursue the best path for whichever you choose.”