Here, There, and Everywhere

Corby Myers poses with Hotdog Frank in the Peace Garden

From small town girl to international businessperson, Corby Myers ’17 has come a long way since her youth. Growing up in New Oxford, a town outside Gettysburg, she saw little of the world until attending college at Lebanon Valley, where she became involved in the study abroad program, spending a semester in the Netherlands. As a business administration major, she seeks a career in international business, interning at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Harrisburg to help achieve her vision.

“I had previous shadowing experience, but none in a formal office setting,” said Myers. “It was a lot to take in at one time. However, I think that being thrown into the internship right away allowed me to connect more to my international experiences.”

Myers received an Arnold Grant to help support her while working at the WTC. Grateful for the opportunity, she quickly learned about protocols for businesses across the world, researching and interacting with companies to help them with their marketing efforts. Her work also includes data analysis and writing press releases.

“The beauty of my internship is that there is no average day,” said Myers. “Unless there’s a big project I’m working on, I don’t repeat anything that I’ve done before.” 

The companies that she contacts on a daily basis are from all around the south central Pennsylvania area, but many have roots in other countries. Already, Myers has made connections with representatives from Chile and Brazil, and is in the process of planning an event with these partners through the World Trade Center. What’s more, all of her contact with businesses from other countries is only fueling her desire to travel. Myers has expressed an interest in visiting China, one of the world’s premier business hubs, as well as Australia and the rest of Europe. However, she may have to wait for an opportunity to go abroad again; her internship has given her vital experience working with international businesses.

“Before this internship, I hadn’t realized how many international companies were in south central PA,” said Myers. “I thought that, before coming to college, there was nothing global here. In reality, there’s a lot of exporting and importing going on in Pennsylvania.”

For Myers, the most rewarding part of her job is making a difference with the businesses she works with, whether large or small. Moreover, with two years left in college and plenty more to go after that, she’ll have plenty of time to explore the world and the commerce that shapes it.