Finding a Connection

Carolyn Enigk came to Lebanon Valley College undecided on a major and will leave with a degree in digital communications

Sometimes, life is about taking chances in an unknown place, but one LVC senior decided to take a chance at a place most familiar.

Carolyn Enigk ’20, a digital communications (DigiCOM) major, lived in Annville her whole life. She grew up taking pictures in LVC’s Peace Garden and using the College’s pool facilities. After high school graduation, Enigk planned to take a gap year to travel, but her plans fell through. 

“I did not visit or apply to any colleges. Honestly, I chose LVC on a complete whim, and I am beyond thankful that it worked out for me,” Enigk said. 

Enigk entered LVC as an undeclared major, so she decided to take different courses based on her interests and skills. During her sophomore year, she took an Intro to Entrepreneurship Business class taught by Dr. Joel Kline, professor of design, media, and technology. 

“Dr. Kline is the reason I chose digital communications as my major. He is kind, funny, and has a way of captivating the room. He is truly an inspiration, and I feel blessed to have met him and be mentored by him,” Enigk said. 

The mentorship of her professors played a critical role when it came time for Enigk to present her portfolio, a critical step for all DigiCOM majors. Enigk showed Dr. Kline the draft of her website and received a strong critique, leading her to completely rebuild her website. Then on presentation day, technical difficulties caused a near panic attack, but Mat Samuel, assistant professor of design, media, and technology, stepped in to calm her nerves.

“That’s what makes the department so special,” she said. “We have professors that know us personally and care about us, our well-being, and truly want to see us succeed. My voice shook while I presented, but I did it. I answered the questions well, I made the audience laugh, and I passed without revisions.”

Currently, Enigk is interning at a marketing placement firm, Target Media USA. The internship was supposed to last seven weeks, but due to her work ethic, personality, and skills, the firm asked her to stay through the spring semester. 

“I’m running a lot of Google Analytics tests, writing reports for campaign spending, and filling out post-log reports at my internship, which I enjoy. I’m learning to do things that I didn’t learn in college, and it’s making me more of a well-rounded student,” Enigk said. 

For other students who are not sure of their path, Enigk recommends taking classes across a variety of subjects in your first year, connecting with faculty, and getting involved in student life. 

In her time at LVC, Enigk has served as the Dance Team Public Relations Chair, an active member of the swim team, played in two music ensembles, was in a sorority, and was this year’s head of the First-Year Mentor Program. Her favorite part of the First-Year Mentor program was helping transition new students.

“Every choice counts and every interaction matters,” she said. “If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough, it’s that you must be in the moment every second of every day, or you’re going to miss the opportunity to make the choice that could have changed your life.”


-- Huntre Keip, Marketing & Communications Intern