Farming to Music: Casey Kelly's Wide-Ranging Interests

Audio & Music Production major Casey Kelly attends the National FFA Convention

For audio & music production major Casey Kelly ’20, animals have turned from an interest into a hobby.

“I have this giant love for animals and agriculture,” Kelly said. “Ever since I was little I wanted to own a farm.”

Yet what might surprise some is that Kelly didn’t grown up on a farm. She comes to LVC from her hometown, Newark, Del. Kelly describes herself as a suburbs girl. Yet during high school she had a lot of friends who were involved with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) group. 

During her senior year of high school, Kelly finally had an opportunity to sign up for an animal science course. After participating, one of Kelly’s teachers encouraged her to enter the State Fair competition in Delaware. 

So she decided to sign up for the Dairy Cattle Showmanship Event. This summer, she completed about one hour of training for the event with a friend who had been involved in the FFA for years. Due to her lack of experience, Kelly figured she’d just have fun. Maybe if she did well she could make it into a sub competition.  

“I had my expectations set really low because I was competing against people who had years of experience,” Kelly said. “Many of them had grown up on farms and it’s a statewide competition.”

Yet an hour after the event ended and Kelly had walked different cows through the rings, she was shocked to learn she had placed first. Kelly was on her way to the FFA Nationals.

Kelly had no time to prepare since she spent this fall getting ready for College, moving in, and starting her freshman year. Fortunately, Nationals was happening around fall break, so she only had to miss a few days of classes. 

So during break Kelly travelled to Indianapolis, Ind., competed, and won a gold medal. Kelly also had the chance to learn about other FFA chapters. 

“It was awesome,” Kelly said. “There was a whole different convention center for chapters. You got to visit them and learn about their projects. It was really interesting.”

So with her love for agriculture, how exactly did Kelly end up at LVC as an audio & music production major? 

“I’m a girl with many passions,” Kelly said. “I love working on farms and animals. I love math, science, and history. But most of all I love music. Music is my life.”

She was influenced to seek a career in music by a high school music teacher. During one course she explored the music industry, read about artists, evaluated choirs, and more. This experience showed her just how many opportunities existed in the music field.  

After learning about LVC from an aunt, and exploring the campus on a tour, Kelly knew she had found her new home for the next few years. She felt that the audio & music production major fit her passion for technology and music. 

“I absolutely love it,” Kelly said. “I love the professors. They’re really relatable and personal with you. Also, I like that the classes are small. I’m close with everyone in my major. When we’re all in the studio collaborating and when we’re all in class together, it’s great!”

From interests ranging from farming to music, Casey Kelly is an example of the diverse interests LVC students pursue while completing their undergraduate studies.