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Exile—DigiCOM Grad Finds Success After Launching Motion Graphics Company

Digital communications graduate Scott Sutton now owns his own motion graphics company

Scott Sutton’s digital communications degree not only gave him a wide array of technical skills, but also taught him the business side of the industry. Now, just four years after his 2013 graduation, Sutton has launched his own motion graphics company, Exile Motion | Design.

“I use every skill I learned in my major at LVC,” he said. “If I had any suggestions to someone in the Digital Communications Program I would say to take everything in—even if it doesn’t interest you now—it might be a very valuable asset to you in the future.” 

Sutton, who played on the Flying Dutchmen men’s lacrosse team during his time at The Valley, appreciated the one-on-one learning experience and mentorship from faculty. He specifically cited a motion graphics course with professor Mat Samuel for some of his career inspiration.

“Within your major’s classes you typically have fewer than 30 students at a given time,” he said. “Your professor gets to know you and finds the best way to help you learn. As someone with ADD and trouble learning, having the small class room setting made it possible for me to learn.”

At Exile, Sutton’s portfolio of work for local and national clients includes motion graphic videos ranging from logos, info-commercials, marketing, movie titles, movie special effects, and much more. He also has done graphic design work and video editing, along with managing all of the client relationships for his business. 

“Obviously, Bitcoin has taken off and I was very fortunate to have worked with them,” said Sutton. “I helped create and rebrand their image by using a motion graphic video to help explain how and why you should use Bitcoin. I never would have thought I’d work with a company that became such a huge hit, but it was fun and very rewarding!”

Along with Bitcoin, Sutton worked with Nike, Red Bull, Oakley, and Suzuki on various national campaigns. His project with Rainbow Light Vitamins included a 10-second spot in a 30-second national television commercial.

While Sutton enjoys the fun of these national projects, he said it’s a diverse client base with companies of all sizes that is vital to his company’s stability. 

“The key is to get the smaller companies that will send consistent work rather than one or two big jobs a year,” he said. “When you’re starting off, they are who you want to seek. Always work toward the big companies, but understand it takes time.”

As technology continues to evolve on what seems like a daily basis, Sutton thinks the growth of virtual reality will mean good things for motion graphics.

“Right now, video is the most powerful way to advertise and I think it will continue to grow,” he said. “It won't be quite the same as it is now, but it will still be the number one way to advertise yourself or company. 

“In 5–10 years, I hope to have a full-on company with a few employees. I want my work to be on the big screen premiering in some amazing movie, and have my graphics displayed in Times Square. The best part about it is I have the power to make this happen and I hold my own fate in my hands.”

See more from Sutton in this video.