Exercise Science Faculty Make Transfer Students Feel Welcome

Exercise science students at Lebanon Valley College

Transferring schools can often be a daunting and scary process, but for LVC exercise science students Cassondra Connelly ’22 and Griffin Weidler ’23, the transfer experience was effortless. 

What made it so easy? 

Both students cite their exercise science faculty as the reason for such a seamless transition to The Valley. 

“Once I decided to transfer, the faculty was very quick in helping me to figure out what I would need to accomplish over my next three years to receive my degree in the appropriate amount of time,” said Weidler. “I have made very strong connections with the faculty and my advisors in my first year.  I know that I can go to them for help or guidance with anything.”

Connelly, too, described the positive role her advisor played in her transfer experience. “The process of transferring was very simple, and I have been very fortunate to have an excellent advisor who has worked with me to organize my schedule so that I will graduate on time. My advisor has been supportive and extremely helpful along the way.”

The duo also had the benefit of family aiding their decision. Connelly’s parents, Dawn ’92 and Craig Connelly '94, are LVC alumni, while Weidler’s mother, Melissa Byler, is the track & field coach and director of the LVC Sports Center.

Connelly and Weidler appreciated the friendly environment of LVC and quickly made friends that helped them feel at home. 

Looking ahead, Connelly, a senior this year, is excited for her upcoming clinical placement this spring. 

“Field work is required for the LVC Exercise Science Program. There are so many hands-on opportunities in all the programs, and it truly is a place that I feel supported and challenged by the faculty and my classmates,” said Connelly, who plans to pursue a doctor of chiropractor degree after graduation. 

Weidler, just starting his second year at LVC, is looking at a future career in coaching, either in strength and conditioning or bodybuilding.

“I find the human body to be extremely interesting and complex, which made me want to learn more about it,” he said. “As an athlete growing up, I always really enjoyed physical activity. I wanted to understand the science behind why athletes do what they do and how athletes differ from sport to sport. I want to be able to help others reach their goals.”