Eric Kennedy ’15–Online Marketing Specialist at Woodstream Corporation

Digital Communications major Eric Kennedy participates in the inquiry symposium

Eric Kennedy ’15 has joined a host of previous digiCOM alums at Woodstream Corporation in his new position as an Online Marketing Specialist.

“I’ve only been here for just over two weeks, but so far it has been a great experience,” says Kennedy. “My coworkers are very friendly and willing to help out when I need it while I challenge myself on a daily basis.”

Woodstream is a manufacturing company which markets over 2500 unique products across the globe in the lawn and garden, birding, pet, rodent Control, hobby farm, and animal control industries. Their strategies are structured to help their clients optimize inventory levels, maximize sell through, and grow profitability.

“The brands that I work on are Zareba®, Fishock®, Electrobraid®, and Havahart Wireless®. Zareba®, Fishock®, and Electrobraid® are categorized into Electronic Containment which is electric fencing for livestock, exotic animals, perimeter control, etc,” says Kennedy. “I am focused on watching the analytics of these websites and developing various email and marketing campaigns to make sure that the site is meeting the revenue that it should. This involves carefully watching the PPC (Pay Per Click), and making sure that our ROI (Return On Investment) is where it needs to be… I then take this information and report it to the brand managers to make sure they are aware of the current situation."

As a Business Technology concentration, Kennedy has applied everything he learned as a Digital Communications major and more. “Marketing is more than just advertising like most people tend to think. Marketing is everything from site optimization, to PPC, to SEO, to email campaigns, and everything in between,” says Kennedy. “I learned a lot at LVC and wouldn’t have been anywhere near prepared for this challenge without my schooling.”

When asked what advice he would give to current digiCOM majors, he responded by saying, “I would say play around with PPC and SEO. Look into it for your portfolio websites. Link your portfolio websites to Google Analytics and track the data and see the traffic that visits your site. You can view any type of information that you would want to know.”
Kennedy also suggested building up the confidence that is necessary to be successful in the business world sooner rather than later. “Take risks and do things that are going to make their jaws drop so that you can build confidence before heading into the working field. With confidence, you can do anything that you want to do.”