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Dr. Treva Clark's Global Experience Leads to Creation of International Business Major

Dr. Treva Clark is a business professor at LVC

If LVC students were to describe Dr. Treva Clark in a word, two of the foremost might be passionate and enthusiastic. 

Dr. Clark is the assistant chair and associate professor of business and economics, but she also has been involved in creating the new international business major at Lebanon Valley College. 

In fact, Dr. Clark often ties a global perspective into many of her classes. She enjoys international business and is knowledgeable on the topic due to her career background before she arrived at LVC. 

After finishing her undergraduate studies as a dual major in marketing and psychology, Dr. Clark was hired by a technology company in the Central PA area. After a few years a global group acquired the company. Suddenly, Dr. Clark found herself conducting business globally and traveling all over the world. She discovered a passion for international business and enjoyed its unpredictability. 

“Oh my gosh, I live for it,” Dr. Clark said. “The more different it can be the more exciting it is. And if I can just share a little bit of that with my students—that is a good day.”

So how did she transition from a career in global business to being a professor in higher education? 

Aside from working in the tech industry, Dr. Clark eventually moved into consulting work. She was and continues to be an active member of the World Trade Center of Harrisburg, a location where several LVC students have completed internships.

While she was working, one of her undergraduate advisors approached Dr. Clark and asked if she would consider teaching a course. She decided to be an adjunct for one class and give it a chance. 

Expecting to only do it on this one occasion as a favor, Dr. Clark was surprised when she finished her first class. 

“By the second class period I just loved it,” Dr. Clark said. “I thought ‘Wow, when I tire of the business life, this might be something I’d want to do.’”

After discovering a gift for teaching, Dr. Clark decided to return to school to earn her Ph.D. 

While completing her doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh, she continued doing adjunct work and watched for teaching opportunities. When she discovered that LVC’s Business Department was looking to hire a professor with a background in international business, she knew she had found the right fit. 

In 2010, Dr. Clark joined the Business Department and began to help them further grow their international business components. Recently, her efforts were focused on building the new International Business Program in collaboration with other faculty and staff. 

Many of these folks had already worked together to help previous self-designed international business students. Dr. Clark appreciated the team spirit during working on the new major. She finds that it is a common occurrence at The Valley.  

“I think it really speaks to the collegiality of the College and the importance that the departments see in working together to create programs that can really provide the strongest opportunities for our students,” Dr. Clark said. 

If there’s anything that the story of Dr. Clark’s career shows, it is that life is an unexpected journey. LVC is certainly glad though that’s she found a home here at The Valley and a passion for teaching students.