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DigiCOM Alum Working as Designer for Presidential Campaign

Ryan Eaton is a digital communications major from Lebanon Valley College

While his future past the November election is unknown, digital communications graduate Ryan Eaton ’20 is currently gaining valuable experience as an associate designer with presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

As part of the events team, Eaton’s primary responsibility is to create graphics for events, including hold screens and social media promotion. He collaborates with a team that meets daily to discuss creative direction and strategy. Eaton learned of the opening through a friend and submitted his portfolio and résumé, earning an interview, and eventually the position. 

Eaton, whose older brother Josh ’18, M’20 just earned his master’s in athletic training at LVC, is a creative person who enjoys digital artwork. The Digital Communications Program expanded his interests and skills through classes that include website design, photography, and more. 

As part of his major, Eaton completed a design internship at a local church, updating their logo and implementing it on their promotional materials and website. He also assisted with photo editing and content creation. In a second internship with a small company, Colonial Park I.O.P, Eaton gained digital marketing experience.

“I updated the content and edited the layout of their site, improved the SEO, wrote blogs, and posted on their growing company social media pages,” said Eaton. “I also created digital advertisements and managed the Google ads and Google analytics. 

“Both internships helped me with what I was learning in class because they showed me how to apply the knowledge to the real world. Also, they taught me new things because sometimes I would get asked to do something I had never done before, and I would have to just figure it out,” he added.

Eaton encourages other students considering the DigiCOM field to take advantage of each learning opportunity.

“Attend DigiVal club events, learn how to use the cool things the department has like the 3D printer, laser cutter, and t-shirt press as soon as possible. Get to know the professors—they are all awesome.”

Eaton’s final piece of advice is to study abroad if given the opportunity. Read more about his time abroad with his twin brother, Kyle ’20.