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Diana Hoffman Curates “Con Spirito: Emotions Through the Printed Image” Exhibit

Art major Diana Hoffman presents her work with the Con Spirito exhibit

Art has played a key role in Diana Hoffman’s life. So much in fact, the rising senior art & art history student has curated the “Con Spirito: Emotions Through the Printed Image” exhibit, which was on display in the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery at Lebanon Valley College during the summer of 2016. The work of art “Con Spirito” by artist Irving Amen was a gift from Dr. Stefan P. Kruszewski, M.D., to the Lebanon Valley Fine Arts Collection. 

The “Con Spirito” exhibit was the culmination of many high-impact opportunities that Hoffman ’17 experienced as an art major at The Valley. Her love of art, which she now calls a passion, developed at a young age after her parents started taking her to museums. “I was exposed to art at such a young age and have continued to be captivated by frequently visiting museums and look at the works,” said Hoffman. 

Hoffman began as a Gallery intern in January and worked on the “Con Spirito” exhibit throughout the semester. “Con Spirito” was donated to the Gallery early in Hoffman’s internship. “The internship with the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery played a big part in the opportunity to curate the upcoming exhibition, “Con Spirito: Emotions through the Printed Image,”’ said Hoffman. “Without it, I would not have been able to have the opportunity to curate the show.”

Hoffman chose the theme for the exhibit based on the acquisition of an artist proof, by Irving Amen, as the catalyst after having been told that the Gallery had never had an exhibition focusing on prints. The end result was selections that resonated feelings of joy, religious spirituality, and political themes, as well as humor and fun.

While curating the “Con Spirito” exhibit, Hoffman researched, wrote labels, presented at Inquiry 2016, and refined her writing. The internship encouraged Hoffman to want to work more in the area of art and galleries once she enters the work force. 

“Diana has a strong background in the Art & Art History Department and experience working as an attendant at the Gallery,” said Dr. Barbara McNulty, director of the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery. “In addition, Diana is a hard worker, diligent, and very enthusiastic. She has a positive outlook toward all that she does.” 

Hoffman has begun painting her own work. “I enjoy creating my own pieces of artwork,” said Hoffman. “It gives me a sense of freedom.” 

She found her “sense of freedom” during her first year at LVC. “I was stressing out and suddenly I had moment in which I knew that my future needed to involve art in some way.” The realization made Hoffman finally choose her path in life, with a major in art & art history.