Delivering the Campus News

A student in Journalism edits the newest addition of the newspaper, La Vie

Journalism seems to be changing every day in the 21st century.  

Likewise, La Vie Collegienne—LVC’s 93-year-old campus newspaper—has been changing. In the fall semester, the newspaper added new social media presences on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.  

La Vie also recently created its own website, which contains several articles produced by students and includes La Vie’s Twitter feed on the right hand side of the web page. 

“We will never stop evolving,” Lyndsay Riedel ’17, a co-editor of La Vie said. “We want to keep La Vie relevant, so we will adapt to whatever changes need to be made.”

In addition to the updated social media presence, La Vie has been producing “On The Go” flyers.  

These short, one-page flyers are teasers for upcoming stories that will be seen online and/or in upcoming print editions and are strategically placed throughout campus.

Professor Jaime Fettrow-Alderfer is another addition to the collegiate newspaper. Fettrow-Alderfer and co-editors Riedel and Veronica Pettyjohn ’18 are in charge of running the newspaper—that means deciding what stories are relevant, as well as doing things behind the scenes such as formatting each edition. Having been in the journalism field for more nine years before taking on her new role, Fettrow-Alderfer’s goal is to stay ahead of the curve. 

“I want to increase our social media presence, maybe even add a video element to the website,” said Fettrow-Alderfer. “It’s my goal to continue to grow.” 

Students are given the opportunity to write for La Vie through two English courses: ENG 231 is offered in the fall semester and ENG 330 is offered in the spring semester. The courses fulfill writing process requirements and are not limited to English majors.  

“It is such a beneficial experience because you will gain skills such as interviewing others, which develops communication skills,” said Pettyjohn. “These skills can be helpful in almost any job industry.”

La Vie is open to producing stories relevant to LVC events going on around the community.

Any student who is interested in writing stories for La Vie is encouraged to do so—even if the student is not enrolled in either course. Visit Jaime Fettrow-Alderfer in Room 205-A of the Administration Building/Humanities Center or email her at


Michael Gilger for LVC 430 Feature Writing