Classroom to Hardwood: Meet Dr. Robert Carey

The Faculty Basketball team poses for a team picture

Like many practitioners in the field, Dr. Robert Carey, associate professor of biology, can trace his current research concentration to a childhood fascination with the natural world.

“I became interested in biology as a child collecting leaves and identifying them on family trips. I later become interested in evolution as an undergraduate, particularly when learning about the relationships between algae and non-vascular plants,” he explains. 

Now he studies the evolutionary genetic history of gene families and superfamilies in plants. While he enjoys his work, Dr. Carey finds his favorite aspect of working at the College to be the opportunity to mentor his students. 

“There is the ability to really help students grow as scientists during their time here. I end up teaching many students in multiple classes and labs and enjoy seeing their maturation into talented young biologists and biochemists. I also appreciate my experiences assisting undergraduate students in research projects that are presented and published—this is a unique benefit of an LVC education,” he says.

Dr. Carey advises prospective students to explore genomics and evolutionary genetics, as there are more genomes being sequenced faster than ever before.  

Aside from the lab, Dr. Carey’s other favorite space on campus is the LVC Sports Center where he’s a member of the faculty basketball team, which plays every Friday during the semester. The squad takes on a group of LVC students in an annual game each spring, with funds raised benefiting a local charity and the winning team earning a trophy, which is showcased in the Athletic Hall of Champions.